Thursday , 23 September 2021

MOULY: Oven enlightenment–saving time however you can

What are your time management hacks?

Last week I had an epiphany when I realized that I could cook sausage in the oven.

Yes, many of you are light-years ahead of me here, it’s just something I had never done. I had always fried it on the stove.

I am not sure why it took this many years to discover such a thing.

For over 20 years I have been using the oven for chicken, fish, pizzas, roasted vegetables – even bacon.

Why the thought never dawned on me for sausage I will never know.

Perhaps because it is not something I cook often. It’s not that I don’t like sausage, I just never considered it at the top of all the favourite foods on the planet. I don’t even regularly buy it, I just cook it because other people like it.

The excitement set in when when I compared the two methods and noticed that when I used the oven, I was able to cook and work at the same time.

No more grease splatters and I was improving the time management skills that I had set out all week to find.

My time savings perhaps hadn’t come from the area that I wanted it to, or in any grand fashion, but it worked.

One small detail just slightly altered enough that it made a significant positive impact on my day, and aimed to improve life overall.

My new train of thought lead me on a search for more oven meals and I found stir fry and various meat and veggie combinations that I can try out other days.

I suspect that for others with busy work loads or children and families, that you also cherish moments of rejuvenation whenever you can get them, and that these minor conveniences would make a big difference.

It’s not that time management is always an issue but with various recent changes, and lots of fun challenges ahead, I am constantly wanting to do more than I have hours for in a day.

Each week I look forward to getting out more in the community and I know that part of me has to be okay with things taking time.

As a result, my cooking revelation inspired me to look into doing things differently and finding little ways to improve time management.

For one who used to be somewhat skeptical of all the old wives tales out there, I am becoming more willing to try little things to make life easier and more efficient.

I find myself wanting to know: what are you favourite life hacks? I’d love to learn some tips on things that you’ve found work to benefit your life.

About Angela Mouly

Angela comes to Lakeland Connect after leaving traditional newspaper where she spent the past four years reporting on community events. Her repertoire includes writing about history, politics, agriculture, sports, entertainment and art. She was the third place recipient of an AWNA General Excellence Award for “Best Front Page” during their 2016 Better Newspaper Competition. Angela has lived in rural Alberta all her life and in Vermilion for the past 15 years. She looks forward to continuing to serve and inform the Lakeland community by joining in people's many adventures and sharing their stories.