Thursday , 23 September 2021

Climbing Thru Time in Paradise Valley

People have been eager to check out the Climb Thru Time Museum in Paradise Valley now that it has opened for the season.

As you gradually climb the lofty grain elevator, you can view the various display rooms.

There are opportunities to examine landscape and nature displays hand painted by Catherine Willis and Joyce Eggen, indigenous artifacts, a sod house and early machinery, cheques from 1902, war relics, and a multitude of eclectic items.

Summer student, Isaac Brundage, said Paradise Valley used to be home to a drug store, movie theatre, restaurants, and a zoo.

“All of the old beams are original, and in some of them you can even see grain erosion,” said Brundage.

“I’m glad they used an old elevator that normally would have been destroyed for a museum. People should make an attempt to retain our past – sometimes to appreciate it, and other times to learn from our mistakes.”

The community used to have five other elevators, but two were destroyed by tornadoes, one by lightning that caused a fire, and the others were demolished after they were no longer used.

The last train that was loaded with grain in Paradise Valley took place in 1987, and the community received a new seed cleaning plant in 1994.

In 1995, the museum opened and all of the items were either loaned or gifted by members of the community.

Visitors can go each weekend from Friday–Sunday between 12:00–5:00pm.

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