Monday , 27 September 2021

Man arrested after violent assault of RCMP member in Walmart parking lot

Officer in hospital with serious, but non-life threatening injuries

A 44-year-old male is in custody in Cold Lake after a violent assault on an RCMP officer in the Walmart parking lot.

At 5:30pm on Tuesday, Cold Lake RCMP located a stolen vehicle in the Walmart parking lot and the responding officer made an effort to deal with the vehicle and arrest the male who was believed to be responsible.

The male allegedly assaulted the RCMP member by punching the female officer in the head.

The RCMP member’s baton was taken by the male and the member was struck in the head numerous times with the baton.

An eyewitness who watched the situation from her vehicle, and wished to remain anonymous, told Lakeland Connect that it was a vicious situation.

“The way that the officer was attacked was just uncalled for. She really didn’t do anything until he started brutalizing her. All she tried to do was detainment, most likely question him and he just threw her to the ground. To me [it] looked like trying to bash her skull into the ground,” she said.

The man fled on foot with the RCMP baton and smashed the window of a different, occupied vehicle to try and steal it, but was unsuccessful, police said.

He then threatened another driver with a knife and the baton and fled southbound on Highway 28 in the newly stolen Trailblazer, police said.

“An incident like this highlights the unpredictable and dangerous situations we face on a daily basis.” – Cold Lake Sgt. Ryan Howrish

Cold Lake RCMP initiated a pursuit and managed to cause the stolen Trailblazer to become disabled.

The male was arrested on scene without further incident. The RCMP baton was recovered in the vehicle.

The RCMP member has been treated at the hospital with serious, but non life-threatening injuries and is recovering at home.

The male remains in police custody and will be facing charges as this investigation continues, police said.

RCMP said they will provide an update when available.

“I want to thank the community members who came forward to assist our RCMP member and to provide valuable witness evidence in relation to this terrible incident” says Sgt. Ryan Howrish of the Cold Lake RCMP.

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