Saturday , 16 October 2021

Energy Centre receives grant for efficient lighting upgrades

The City of Cold Lake has applied for and received approval for a rebate Recreation Energy Conservation (REC) Program offer through the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC) towards the lighting retrofit project at the Cold Lake Energy Centre.

“We are excited to get started with this retrofit,” Mayor Craig Copeland said. “Not only will this standardize lighting so that the older phases of the Energy Centre will match the new construction, but it will reduce operating costs and save a significant amount of power needed for lighting a large and very well-used facility.”

The Energy Centre lighting retrofit project involves the replacement of existing fluorescent lighting fixtures in both the Imperial Oil Place Arena and the Reid Fieldhouse, with new LED technology.  Retrofit of the Imperial Oil Place Arena involved replacement of 198 fixtures resulting in an estimated annual savings of 168,910 KwH equated to an estimated $10,357.59 in annual cost savings.  The Reid Field House would have 119 fixtures retrofitted resulting in an estimated annual savings of 76,647 Kwh equating to an estimated $4,577.35 in annual cost savings.

The REC Program helps municipally-owned recreation facilities reduce energy use and GHG emissions by providing financial rebates to help identify energy-saving opportunities and implement energy-saving projects.  The rebate equates to either 75 per cent of the Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) or the amount required to reach a one year simple payback, whichever is lesser.

The lighting retrofit project is slated to begin in mid or late October, with an early December completion date. Work will be scheduled in between programming to minimize the impact on Energy Centre users.

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