Saturday , 19 June 2021

Elk Point Council in attendance

Elk Point Town Council are discussing the amount of pay they receive from attending local events, or remuneration.

The issue of remuneration for council members participating in community events was raised by Mayor Lorne Young. Currently, councillors receive an honorarium of $550 per month to compensate for attendance at community functions and events, among other duties. According to Remuneration Policy 1-4-18, they also receive per diems as follows:

  • Regular, Special, and Organizational Council Meetings – $150
  • In Town Board, Committee, Commission, and Authority Meetings – $100
  • Out-of-Town Board, Committee, Commission and Authority Meetings – $150
  • Any meeting, conference, or training exceeding 4 hours – $250


Young wanted clarification on compensation for council participation in the Family Day event. It was decided that since the town has a new Recreation Coordinator who organizes and runs such events as part of her job, the monthly honorarium is sufficient to cover councillors who work at Family Day. Councillor Terri Hampson noted the unfairness of unpaid volunteers working alongside and doing the same jobs as paid council members.

Councillors who work on the Canada Day committee, however, receive further compensation because, as Mayor Young explained, “they do more than just walk in the parade. They carry out their responsibilities and are involved before, during and after the event.”

The end goal is to ensure that everyone’s time is accounted for and Council members are being compensated for their time.

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