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Harp and his handler Cst. Jacques of the Cold Lake RCMP.

Cold Lake RCMP present yearly stats to city council

Police dog Harp was involved in just under 200 files for the year since joining the service in May 2018.

Cold Lake RCMP presented a delegation to city council on the total crime data for the 2018 year.

The big additions to the Cold Lake RCMP was the Police Dog Unit and Harp.

Since May 17, 2018, Harp has been directly involved in a total of 189 files: 97 within Cold Lake and 92 outside the Cold Lake area.

“It really helps us out,” said S/S Scott Buchanan. “So often we’re not able to locate people who are fleeing. The people who flee generally speaking are known to police…if we can apprehend them and get them into custody, we’re going to reduce crime.”

“It’s an awesome tool.”

Mayor Craig Copeland said PDS has been a great asset for the RCMP.

“They’ve done a great job in the area and caught a lot of criminals. It’s been a roaring success,” said Copeland.

“I think everybody should be really proud of what they’re doing. The city of Cold Lake is funding it entirely.”

Total file numbers slightly down

Based on PROS data, Cold Lake generated a total of 8823 files in 2018, which was a slight decrease of 70 files when compared to 2017.

The Cold Lake Municipal generated 5,587 files a 3.8 per cent, 210 file decrease when compared to 5,697 files generated in 2017.

The Cold Lake Provincial generated 3,336 files, a 4.4 per cent, 140 file increase when compared to 3196 files generated in 2017.

Cold Lake RCMP S/S Scott Buchanan, who rejoined the detachment six months ago, said a combination of factors could’ve lead to lesser files.

“Numbers change, they go up and go down. I know there were quite a few drug trafficking arrests that were made. That may have contributed to lesser calls for service. There’s also been a number of soft vacancies here…that could be a contributing factor. Maybe there’s just less activity,” said Buchanan.

Buchanan highlights the recently added Eastern Alberta District Rural Crime Reduction Unit helps with arrest numbers in the past year.

“There’s also a move across the province to focus on crime reduction strategies. The whole goal behind that is to focus on the small percentage of offenders who create the most work. If that theory and practice works then we will realize a reduction in crime. But you never know what you prevent, scientifically,” said Buchanan.

In 2018, the General Investigations Section (GIS) investigated organized crime, specifically the trafficking of illegal drugs. Numerous charges were laid and some are pending further investigation. The report says, the unit helped target prolific offenders by conducting surveillance on known perpetrators heavily involved in drug use and stolen property.

“The drug work we’ve done here for the past few years has been spectacular. And that’s me coming in only six months ago. I look at that and go ‘Wow,’ great work. What it does is kind of puts a mark on the town though. Look at the drug dealers in Cold Lake, because they’re getting caught,” said Buchanan.

Cold Lake RCMP captured 62 persons: 33 within Cold Lake and 29 outside the City Limits.

For the 2018 calendar year, 1,206 prisoners were held in Cold Lake Detachment cells, compared to 1,280 prisoners in 2017, this is a decrease of 74 prisoners and a decrease in prisoner count volume of six per cent.

There were five transfers from the Cold Lake Detachment in 2018. The five members transferred away this year were Staff Sergeant Jeremie Landry, and Constables Jody Mattinson, Anastasia Fedorova, James Miller, and Caroline Jones.

Victim Services as busy as ever

Cold Lake Victim Services Unit had a record-breaking amount of referrals with 1078 files in 2018.

Cold Lake VSU helps clients work towards a state of well-being after experiencing crime or tragedy.

“Victim Services unfortunately has not seen their numbers curtail. They’re still dealing with a  lot of people in crisis. Dave’s group is doing a great job over there. We’re really lucky in Cold Lake.

The full report can be read below.

Cold Lake RCMP 2018 YE Report.

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