RCMP cracking down on distracted driving in February

Bonnyville RCMP are focusing on distracted driving this month and have issued four tickets so far, said Sgt. Kim Hillier on Friday.

The penalty for distracted driving is $287 fine and three demerits.

Hillier added that in the past week most reported collisions involved vehicles sliding off the road.

“When you couple that with the amount of collisions we’ve had, we need to be a little more careful on the roadways,” said Hillier.

Three vehicle collision in town still under investigation

On Sun. February 10 at roughly 6pm a vehicle ran into a parked car, which caused the vehicle behind them to run into them. The cause of the accident was said to be that the driver was unable to stop to make the corner, said Sgt. Hillier.

The accident occurred at 38a St. and 45th Ave.

No charges have been laid but the investigation is still ongoing. No injuries were reported.