Refuse to lose

Pictured: Micro-Novice Avalanche player Lennox St. Arnault going in for the shot against Bonnyville. 

Tales from the Timebox: January 8th, 2019

Nothing better than starting the New Year off right. All of the Elk Point Minor Hockey teams did exactly that. They all won their first games of the New Year.

Midget Avalanche

I’m not a big fan of afternoon games for the midget aged kids. That age group usually stays up half the night, but it seems to be no problem for our Midget Avalanche who traveled to Vermilion to tame the Tigers this past Saturday at noon. Maybe it was the Tigers were out prowling until the middle of the night, not the Avalanche.
Nothing could stop the Avalanche once it gained momentum, it totally smothered the Tigers winning 11-3. Veteran captain, the  slick skating, stick-handling machine, Nick ‘Sparky’ Anderson really lighting it up on this day, with 4 goals and 5 assists. His side kicks wingmen, also both third year players,  Chase ‘Rink Rat’ Dorey with 2 goals and 2 assists, and Dusty Pankiw with a goal and an assist.  The rugged D Man Hayden ‘Hot Wheels’ Ludlage who is also in his last year of minor hockey with 2 goals and 1 assist.
The rookies on this team look pretty darn good too. Charlie ‘Chuckles’ Rogal with a goal and an assist, ‘King Cole’ Bendixen with a goal and an assist and cruising down the right wing Jayden ‘Jet Stream’ Van Maarion with an assist. Another talented rookie the set up man, center man ‘Lightning Liam’ Ludlage doing what he does best, setting them up  with 5 assists. Great way to start the new year boys. Maybe you could give the Oilers a tip or two! 

Atom Avalanche

The Atom Avalanche played at home on Saturday winning a really tight match against Glendon 3-2. Brendan ‘Buzz Saw’ Kadutski with the first goal assisted by ‘Without a Trace’ Morgan and Kaysen ‘Dynamite’ DeMossiac . Evett ‘Snoop Dog’ Smereka with the second his assisted by the ‘Rug Rat’ Raif Evans-Anderson. Dynamite blasting in the third, he’s assisted by the hard working defenseman ‘Little Willy’ Braylee Lesyk and winger ‘Hurricane Kayl’ Warawa who celebrated her 11th birthday yesterday.

Peewee Avalanche

This past Saturday just my Leafs were hitting the ice against Canucks, the Peewee Avalanche were facing off against one of their  toughest competition in their Tier III league from St Paul.
The Canadiens dominating the game and bombarded the Avalanche goalie ‘Kid Kade’ Fontaine with 40 shots. But the Kid didn’t weaken and hung on for the 2-1 win. Just in case you didn’t know allowing only one goal in forty shots works out to a .975 save percentage.
The Avalanche only getting 14 shots on the Canadiens . A great game for Seth ‘Motor Man’ Morton who has really improved his game this year, he scored both goals getting one all on his own and one assisted by ‘Cyclone Cole’ Pierce.
On Sunday late afternoon the Peewee Avalanche played another nail biter against Bonnyville in Glendon and this time it was the Bonnyville tender that kept his team in the game. The Avalanche peppering him with shots, the game ending in a one all tie. ‘Top Gunner’ Crawford the only one to hit the target, assisted by the puck moving D Man Brendan ‘Blue Line’ Haesch. They say a tie is like kissing your sister. The Avalanche were down 1-0 for almost two full periods so coming up with a tie late in the game in this case isn’t so bad. You never know when a single point might put you in the playoffs!
A big happy 12th birthday going out today to peewee player ‘Bo Diddley’ Fontaine. Bo Diddley one of the fastest players on the team is usually the first into the corner to pick up the puck!

Novice Avalanche

On Sunday morning, the Novice Avalanche traveled to Bonnyville coming home with a huge 18-3 win. Oh yea, not supposed to keep score in novice anymore, my bad.
5 goals for ‘Billy Bob’ Ballas , ‘Wild Wyatt’ Fontaine with 4 goals and 5 assists, Jaxson ‘Magic’ Marcoux with 2 goals and 2 assists, Jackson ‘J.R.’ Rawlake with 1 goal and 2 assists, ‘Major Tom’ Melnyk with a goal and an assist, Jaxon ‘Smitty ‘ Smith with 2 goals and 4 assists, ‘Jesse James’ Penner with 2 goals and 2 assists, Kestyn ‘Queen Bee’ Quinney with 1 goal and 2 assist. Between the pipes goalie Theo ‘Long Horn’ Loughran had lots of shots and made 4 or 5 terrific saves helping with the win.

Micro-Novice Avalanche

Sunday afternoon the Micro-Novice played in Bonnyville. Micro-Novice playing an afternoon game seems weird to me , but on the other hand it was great for the parents and grandparents who came out to watch their little stars perform. You can sleep in a little, go to church, take in brunch and still be in time for the game.
The Avalanche had their hands full with the Pontiacs although Lennox ‘All Out’ St. Arnault managed to score. Hudson ‘the Roadster’ Krankowski assisting, plus getting really good chances to score himself. A good game for Zander ‘Zorro’ Goertzen and ‘General Lee’ Barstad who both worked really hard creating some turnovers. ‘Tornado’ Aarbo, Jadyn ‘Spectular’ Sakowsky and ‘Mount Everett’ Hahn coming up with some huge saves while in goal.
The newest player on the team ‘Jumbo Jay’ Large was skating really well fore-checking and back-checking. I heard they played some cool music too, and the kids learned a few new dance moves.

Out of town players

In out of town action this past weekend, our hometown  bantam aged goalie, Vanden ‘Super Mario’ Moroziuk is playing Tier I with the Bonnyville Pontiacs this year. Due to the lack of bantam aged kids here in our town some of our guys a scattered all over the Lakeland.  Super Mario played in a tournament in Mannville, winning the player of the game, with a 3-2 win after being out shot 37-29. His second game he lost 4 -1 but once again was outstanding and faced 48 shots in that one.
In Cold Lake, on Saturday, our granddaughter, goalie Heaven ‘the Brick House’ Colbourne playing with the Lakeland Panthers Female Midget team defeated Provost 5-3. Brickhouse  facing 32 shots in the win. Two of the goals came on the power play, and she did allow one soft one,  but she shut the door with some huge saves late in the game when the pressure was on.
Playing for the Camrose Vikings Tier II Novice team, grandson defenseman Bode ‘the Badger’ Bassett scored a goal on Saturday in a win over Thorsby and scored another on Sunday against Westlock in another win. The Vikings are now sitting in first place in the Tier Two novice  league that they play in and will be coming to Bonnyville this coming weekend to play in a full ice tournament. No doubt ‘Badger’ will have the biggest cheering section with his 5 cousins, sister, mom, aunt, uncle and grandparents all planning to come to the games.
And now for the K.A. Campbell quote of the week. “The only way you can check Gretzky is to hit him when he is standing still singing the national anthem.” – Harry Sinden