Watchmaker Voted as Chief, John and Badger Re-elected as Councillors

A council and Chief has been elected in Kehewin.

Vernon Watchmaker (376 votes) will take over as Chief after beating Brenda Vanguard (260 votes) and Hellen Gladue (78 votes) in the election Wednesday.

The new council is:

Kevin Amahoose (343 votes)

Ben Badger (335 votes)

Trevor John (327 votes)

Grey Eagle Cardinal (322 votes)

Ernest Gadwa (313 votes)

Charlene Gadwa (302 votes)

Sheldon Youngchief (277 votes)

Trevor John and Ben Badger remain as councillors from the previous council. Watchmaker was a councillor before the election Wednesday as well.

The voter turnout was 62 per cent with 895 of the 1441 eligible people voting.

A court injunction was filed before the election requesting a band meeting. They were protesting the previous council on how the referendum in August was done. It is not clear the impact this injunction will have with the election results, if at all.