M.D. of Bonnyville Council Highlights


COUNCIL HIGHLIGHTS September 26, 2018

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Tendering Out 2018 Road Construction Carry Overs – Municipal District of Bonnyville Council approved that the Transportation and Utilities Department proceed with tendering out six miles of the 2018 Road Construction Priorities carried over to 2019. Engineering and tender packages should be released in January of 2019. The road projects include: reconstruction of one mile of Range Road 494 between Township Road 604 to Twp. Rd. 603; reconstruction of two miles of Twp. Rd. 640 from Rge. Rd. 471 to 473; reconstruction of .75 mile of Twp. Rd. 620 from Secondary Highway 892 to .75 mile east; reconstruction of one mile of Twp. Rd. 625 from Rge. Rd. 442 to 443 and reconstruction of 1.25 miles of Twp. Rd. 615 from Rge. Rd. 414A to 415A.

Waste Rates Increase – Council approved an increase in the Waste Collection Rates at M.D. landfills to reflect the costs incurred by the municipality. Bylaw No. 1695 Schedule “F” reflects those increases to the Tipping Fees for a 40-Yard End dump and Waste Rates for such things as demolition material.

Strychnine Letter of Support – The Agriculture Service Board (ASB) will be discussing sending a letter of support to the Pest Management Regulatory Agency to allow municipalities to continue to sell strychnine for the control of Richardson Ground Squirrels. While the ASB acknowledges the concern for non-selective off-target poisoning incidents, it believes the restricted controls currently in place greatly reduce those circumstances. ASBs are the only retailers in Alberta allowed to sell strychnine to registered producers. The chemical is one of the most important components of ground squirrel control, without it there is a danger of thousands of acres in the province being destroyed. The letter of support will be brought back to Council for its signature.

Ag and Waste News – Crews continue to be busy with flooded areas and relieving overflowing creeks and slough systems. The beaver trapping season begins on October 1, which should greatly assist in flood mitigation. Residents who are having problems with beavers should call 780-826-3951 to report the rodents. The storage sheds holding used chemical jugs, located at the Bonnyville Seed Cleaning Plant and the Goodridge Landfill, passed inspection. The chemical jug clean-up was completed in August by Curtis Construction. The company will return in October to complete processing all the jugs. The Hilda Lake Tire Marshalling Area is starting construction in early October. The M.D. received a $30,000 grant from Alberta Recycling for the construction of a pad site and to install cement blocks around the site. The Hilda Lake site receives 1,500 to 2,000 tires a year.

 Popular School Resource Officer Program – School Resource Officers are busy. Schools have been booking programs and sessions well into 2019. The officers have started their routine list of sessions, such as Stranger Danger for younger students, as well as Right Choices for Grade 5 and CSI for Grade 6. This year a “Peace Patrol” program was added at all elementary schools. This program is part of the school’s overall student leadership program for Grade 4 students. The SROs are working with school staff and councillors to address such issues as inappropriate activity on smart phones and some behavioral issues with students. The SROs are also involved in the new sports-focused program at Notre Dame High School, as well as instructing girl’s self- defense at Bonnyville Centralized High School.

Rural Crime Prevention Ongoing – The Crime Prevention Officer has almost finished all the summer time Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) surveys. The next step is to plan another round of community hall meetings over the next few months to focus on vehicle theft. He will also be going door-to-door in residential areas to speak with residents about their concerns, as well as visiting industrial businesses to have the same conversation. Public Safety is also doing a short survey to gather information from residents and businesses about crime in the M.D.

Planning and Development News – First Reading was given to Bylaw No. 1694 for the lease and closure of the N/NE 8-60-5-W4M as per Section 13 of the Traffic Safety Act. The undeveloped Township Road 602 allowance on the North of NE 8-60-5-W4M was brushed to facilitate the ATCO service line to be run for the new development. For many years the road allowance has been a place where youth parties were held as it was a dead end road. The lease, closure and fencing of the road allowance will be a good deterrent for the parties. First Reading was given to LU Bylaw No. 569 to rezone Plan 062 7848 Block 1 Lots 3, 4 & 5 within the SE 30-60-5-W4M. from CR1 to Agriculture.

Parks, Rec. and Culture News – Jobs, jobs, jobs. All job postings are up for Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort. Ridge staff have started their yearly maintenance as they prepare for the winter season opening. The Parks Crew is removing boat docks and starting on fall projects. The Parks Manager is in discussion with the Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority Inspector in regards to making M.D. campgrounds Fire Smart, starting with Cold Lake Park.

Public Safety Update – Officers have observed higher traffic volumes on roads leading to oil producers. Some are currently doing “shut down” maintenance cycles and this does result in higher traffic volumes. There is now an increased presence on these roads, and officers have set up a speed display sign in problem areas to raise driver awareness. The department was contacted by a local producer who had his livestock stampeded by fireworks set off on an adjacent property, resulting in injuries to his animals. The farmer is suggesting an amendment to the law surrounding fireworks. His contact information has been forwarded to the Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority because rules about fireworks are in the Fire Services Bylaw. Public Safety continues to take action on dog complaints. These include aggressive dogs in the La Corey area and dogs chasing livestock. Officers took action on two complaints about livestock being loose. One was related to some pigs and the other was cows.

Transportation and Utilities Update – Approval has been received from the provincial government for the waterline between Cold Lake and Bonnyville and the contracts have been awarded. Land agents are still working on securing the work space and right-of-way for the proposed alignment. The Road Construction Crew has started on Twp. Rd. 622. The Road Oiling Crew still needs to finish working on Twp. Rd. 612, west of Sec. Hwy. 881. While waiting for the road to dry, crews have started work on Vezeau Beach Road and will move back to Twp. Rd. 612 when conditions improve. Council approved the 2018 addition of half a mile of road oiling on Twp. Rd. 612, west of Rge. Rd. 494, to the St. Paul County border. The Rip and Relay Crew is working on Rge. Rd. 442, south of Twp. Rd. 632, and is also reworking other sections of oiled roads in the area that are in need of repair while the material is drying. The Paving Crew is working on miscellaneous patches and will be paving Twp. Rd. 605, south of the Summer Village of Bonnyville Beach right behind the base crew as they prep the road and repair soft spots. Staff will be starting to switch some trucks over to winter sanding trucks after Thanksgiving weekend. The remaining trucks will be changed over by mid-November. Winter sand supply is stockpiled in the yard and is scheduled to be freeze-proofed by the end of September. Road Patching Crews will be cleaning up roads prior to winter freeze up. Alberta Environment is pleased with the progress on the Rge. Rd. 454 Drainage Project. The M.D. is submitting an extension request for the completion of the project due to the recent wet weather. The crew is currently re-establishing the drainage in the storm ponds in Country Lane and Countryside Estates. They will be installing additional culverts on the west side of the areas and on the north side of the subdivisions to divert additional water drainage around the subdivisions. Overflow structures for the manholes will be installed and pond overflows will be re-established. Staff met with Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) to discuss the proposed solution and reviewed potential issues for the Birch Grove Drainage Project. Consultants are working with the landowners to sign off on the right-of-way agreements for the proposed drainage easement. The draft plan is being reviewed by Greenplan, and they will be working with AEP for the final approvals for the drainage ditch. The Lessard Bridge tender release has been delayed by environmental approvals and is pushed back to October. Construction completion may be pushed back from December 31, depending on the successful contractor’s availability.

Funding Support – Council approved the $25,000 Annual Operating Grants for the Fort Kent Seniors Club, Sandy Rapids Community Club and the Alexander Recreation Society. Council approved an $8,000 contribution to the Crane Lake Advisory and Stewardship Society to match a Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) Grant for playground equipment at the Crane Lake West Campground. Council approved a donation of $500 to the Bonnyville Friendship Centre for the annual Community Christmas Dinner on December 13.