RCMP investigate three attempted theft cases in two days in Glendon

The Bonnyville RCMP are investigating three incidents of attempted theft with similar circumstances, in Glendon. The incidents happened during a two-day period, September 6th and 7th. Due to these reports, RCMP are reminding Glendon residents to keep their vehicles and homes locked & secure.
In two of the three files an unknown suspect tried to steal two trucks.  Both of the homes where the trucks were parked are located on 49 Avenue in Glendon.  The third call was for a Break & Enter and Mischief with Attempted Theft of yet another vehicle from the garage and a truck from the driveway of a residence on 52 Street; just south of 49 Avenue, in close proximity to the first two cases.
In all three cases the would-be thief was unsuccessful.
On two of the three trucks the drivers side door lock and handle were damaged so that the suspect could get into the vehicle. The third truck was unlocked so the suspect just got in and tried to steal the truck by putting a screwdriver in the ignition.
The Bonnyville RCMP are reminding residents in Glendon to keep their vehicles locked and to be on the lookout for this unknown suspect.  Furthermore if residents have their own security system they should check it regularly to ensure it is working properly.