Volunteer Firefighter Steals 8000 Litres of Fuel from Bonnyville Fire

A Bonnyville teen who began volunteering as a firefighter has been charged after stealing a gas card from the department, using it to take over 8000 litres of fuel.

Nineteen year old, Troy Atkinson, used a gas card from the Bonnyville Fire Authority for over 20 transactions in Bonnyville, Cold Lake, and Edmonton. He began using the card on July 6, and 8167 litres of fuel was stolen in a couple weeks time.

It is expected that others were involved in the theft and could face charges.

Atkinson is facing 35 counts of misuse of credit card, and four counts of theft under $5000. His court date is August. 21.

Regional Fire Chief, Brian McEvoy, declined to comment on the situation because the investigation is ongoing.