Saturday , 18 September 2021

Teamwork helps find Five Missing Quadders

On Monday, June 25th, the Bonnyville RCMP received a call that there were five missing quadders, all senior in age, north of Tucker Lake. The area where the quadders went missing was known to be very wooded and not passable by a regular motor vehicle.

Sgt. Parke, with the Bonnyville Detachment said it was a collaborative effort that helped locate the quadders. The RCMP, Bonnyville Fire, LaCorey Fire, Iron River Fire, Cold Lake EMS, and members from search & rescue were deployed. “We used various ATVs and UTVs (side x side).”

“It was the fire department that located four of the five, initially, and assisted them out to safety.” Sgt. Parke explained that the fifth quadder was still missing at this point.

“We went back in and the fire department had previously located the quad of the fifth missing person.” The quad was stuck in a marsh area and the operator was nowhere near it, explained Sgt. Parke. “This person was eventually found, near the quad, on foot, and brought to safety.”

“We had a paramedic that came out to the scene and was able to treat him and do an initial exam.” The man was then transported, via ambulance, to the Cold Lake Hospital. Where he was doing well after some medical attention, reported Sgt. Parke.

“IIt was a very good team work and definitely collaborative effort that brought it to a safe and positive resolution. Had it not been for the different groups, working together, I don’t think it would’ve gone as well as it did.” Sgt. Parke thanks all the other agencies involved in the search and rescue efforts.

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