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St. Paul Town Council Highlights – June 25, 2018

Labour Market Study

Council made a decision regarding the St. Paul Chamber of Commerce’s request for partnership and financial support in completing a labour market study. The request was initially made by the Chamber’s Linda Sallstrom at the June 11, 2018, Council Meeting. She asked Council for $5,000 towards the $90,000 project and support in efforts to gain a Community and Regional Economic Support (CARES) grant.

Sallstrom previously told Council that the study “would indicate gaps in various markets and show new and emerging market sectors and trends,” and, “would help us get a good grasp on what kinds of resources and staff would be involved in these market sectors and how we can fill those gaps.”

Council unanimously voted in favour of providing the Chamber of Commerce with the requested $5,000.

Public Hearing – Bylaw 1249: Council Code of Conduct

Two public hearings were held on Monday night, both in relation to new proposed bylaws. The first of the two hearings dealt with the new Council Code of Conduct Bylaw, which passed first reading at the Council meeting on May 28, 2018. Aline Brousseau, Director of Planning & Legislative Services, provided some background regarding the bylaw, stating:

“In accordance with the new Municipal Government Act, each municipal government must table a bylaw outlining definitions regarding the code of conduct for Council. The Code of Conduct bylaw must be in place by July 23, 2018.”

The bylaw includes statements one would expect from a code of conduct, dictating that Council members should “act honestly and, in good faith, serve the welfare and interests of the Municipality as a whole; conduct themselves in a professional manner with dignity and make every effort to participate diligently in the meetings of Council, committees of Council and other bodies to which they are appointed by Council; perform their functions and duties in a conscientious and diligent manner with integrity, accountability and transparency,” and more.

One point of interest is a regulation regarding conflicts of interest and a “cool down” period during which a member of Council could not seek employment with the Town of St. Paul. The regulation states:

“Council Members shall not use their positions to obtain employment with the Town for themselves, family members or close associates. Members are ineligible to apply or be considered for any position with the Town while they hold their elected position and for one year after leaving office.”

No members of the public attended the hearing to offer comments in support of, or against, the new bylaw. Therefore, Council moved it to second and third reading and accepted it as written.

Public Hearing – Bylaw 1250: Advertising Bylaw

The second public hearing of the night dealt with the Town’s new proposed Advertising Bylaw. As with Bylaw 1249, this bylaw is required in the new Municipal Government Act. Brousseau said. “This bylaw establishes different methods in which the public will be notified of bylaws, resolutions, meetings, public hearings and other things.”

The proposed bylaw states that any notice that is required to be advertised by the Municipal Government Act will be advertised within the proper timelines outlined in Section 606 of said Act, using the following methods:

• Electronically by posting a notice prominently on the Town of St. Paul’s website.
• Electronically by posting the notice prominently on any of the Town of St. Paul’s official social media
(Facebook) sites.
• By posting the notice prominently on the bulletin board provided for that purpose in the following
municipal facilities: Town Hall Administrative Office.
• By posting the notice in the local newspaper and print media for two consecutive weeks.

As with the first hearing, with no members of the public in attendance, Council moved the bylaw to second, then third and final reading.

Like all Town bylaws, Bylaws 1249 and 1250 will be posted on the Town of St. Paul website.

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