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St. Paul Town Council Highlights – May 28, 2018

Animal Shelter Renovation Funding

Council ratified the decision made at their previous Committee of the Whole Meeting to provide $27,500 to the St. Paul Animal Shelter for the renovation of their facility. Council will provide the funds to the Animal Shelter only if they receive a CFEP grant for the renovations in Spring 2019, which would provide another $55,000, approximately half the cost of the project. The County of St. Paul has also offered $27,500 on the same condition.

Council Chamber Upgrades

In their 2018 Capital Budget, Council earmarked $25,000 for upgrades to Council Chambers. Last week, each Councillor submitted a list of their top upgrade priorities, and a collective list was formed taking each priority into account.

Council’s top priorities for upgrades are:

• A smart board or projector to provide greater visual clarity and resources in the Chambers. Currently, they have a projector on a rolling cart and a projector screen that sits at an awkward angle for some Councillors and for the public.
• Microphones for each Member of Council and a sound system
• Electrical outlets at each Member’s seat for charging devices
• Changes and upgrades to lighting
• Lockable drawers with mail slots for each Member of Council

Council is now seeking sealed bids for these upgrades and would like the labour to be provided by local businesses or individuals. Bids must be submitted by Tuesday, June 12. More information about the upgrades can be found on the Town of St. Paul’s website.

Crisis Association Delegation

Noreen Cotton, from the St. Paul Crisis Association, presented a delegation to Council to ask for help in refinishing their parking lot, which has severe drainage and mud problems during most of the year. Council will be asking Town Administration to consult with Public Works in regards to the project, what can be done, and how much it will cost.

Bylaw 1249 – Council Code of Conduct

Council tabled a new Bylaw for first reading which details a code of conduct which Councillors and the Mayor will follow. It includes points of direction for Council such as acting “honestly and, in good faith, [to] serve the welfare and interests of the Municipality as a whole,” and, “A Member must not claim to speak on behalf of Council unless authorized to do so.”

The full policy will be reviewed again at the next Council Meeting, which will take place on June 11 at 7:00.

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