Tuesday , 21 September 2021

Fire Authority warns of Fraudulent Fundraisers

The Bonnyville Regional Fire Department is issuing a warning to the public that there has been a number of fraudulent fundraising campaigns.

BRFA issued a press release with information on what to be on the look out for. “Sadly, in recent weeks several fire departments in the province, and their communities, have been the subject of fraudulent fundraising activities. Individuals have been calling residents of the communities and identifying themselves as a member of the local fire department.”

The caller would then advise the resident that they were conducting fundraising efforts for the fire department and seeking cash donations. In all reported instances, the fire departments mentioned were not conducting any fundraising and they do not raise funds in this manner.


As this is not an isolated situation Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority believes that passing this notice along to the Community may prevent our residents from being exploited.


NOTE: The Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority, nor any of our fire or EMS stations conduct fundraising by telephone.

“We appreciate any and all support from the communities we serve and will continue to conduct any fundraising we do in a face to face manner. This will ensure that supporters can be confident that their donations are going to where they are intended.”

If you require further information, please contact the Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority at 780-826-4755.

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