Saturday , 18 September 2021

Spraying for tansy, in Cold Lake, to begin early July

The City of Cold Lake will take steps to remove a noxious and prohibited weed from public property in Cold Lake.

Common tansy is defined as a noxious and prohibited weed under the Alberta Weed Control Act. The Act requires control measures to be incorporated to reduce the spread of the weed throughout the province. Common tansy is considered to be extremely invasive, with a single plant capable of producing upwards of 5,000 seeds. Though unpalatable to most creatures, if consumed in large quantities, the plant can be toxic to livestock.

The City of Cold Lake will be combatting the weed to prevent its spread from the currently infected areas: just north of 54 Avenue and 44 Street, near Brady Heights, and in the Tri-City area east of the mall.

The areas will be sprayed between July 3 and 6. Residents are advised to stay out of treated property until 24 hours after the last application. Signage will be posted to alert residents of a recent application.

The spray being used will be ClearView Herbicide, which is a selective herbicide for post-emergent control of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds. It has no grazing restrictions, should any type of animal eat the vegetation after the application. Should anyone encounter the spray before it has time to settle, there is a chance it may cause either of the following: moderate eye irritation, or skin irritation with local redness.

Due to the speedy nature of the weed’s spread and reproduction, municipalities are encouraged to take action quickly to help prevent the weed from spreading.

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