Saturday , 18 September 2021

Portage College Student recognized with Esquao Award

Photo: Lyla Allan (CSW Coordinator), Lana Howse (Award Recipient – CSW Yr. 1 Student), Tracy Orr (CSW Instructor), Audrey Cochrane (CSW Instructor)

Congratulations to Lana Howse, a Portage College Community Social Work (CSW) Program year 1 student for being honoured with the distinguished Esquao Award.

The Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women (IAAW) is a non-profit organization that has coordinated and hosted the Esquao Awards Gala since 1996. The awards recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of Aboriginal women and are the single largest recognition event of Aboriginal women in the country. Each woman is nominated by a community for being a champion in helping to develop a healthy community.

Lana was nominated by her community, Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement for her volunteerism, committee involvement and commitment to her community. Lana is a member of her communities Youth Justice Committee, Church Board, and Hot Lunch Program at Caslan School and also helps organize fundraisers for those who need help with medical bills.

“I’m very humbled by it. I was shocked. For me I don’t do it for recognition”, said Lana, “I do it cause it’s what I love to do. It’s just who I am I guess…I love to see people smiling and happy.”

When we called Lana, she was sitting in her truck at LacAlta Lodge  in Lac La Biche after finishing her first practicum. She had just received a special send off from staff and residents, complete with cake, a fruit basket and a special card. The moment was bitter sweet for Lana. “I’m very saddened to leave because I got to know the residence really well…I’m really gonna miss them,” she said.

Lana will continue on to her second year in Community Social Work this fall at Portage.

“We are very proud of Lana and her accomplishments. She definitely shows that she is getting a good start in the field of social work and is well deserving of the award,” said Lyla Allan, Coordinator of the CSW Program.

For more information about the Community Social Work Program that Lana is taking, you can click HERE.

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