Thursday , 22 April 2021

Council passes mobile vending policy

After nearly a year of research and debate, Cold Lake City Council passed a Mobile Vending Policy to regulate the operation of mobile vendors in the City of Cold Lake.

“We wanted to strike a balance between regulating the business, and having no restrictions on mobile vendors,” Mayor Craig Copeland said. “We allowed for plenty of time for staff to do research, for vendors to tell us about their concerns, and for council to debate the policy. In the end, we reached a balanced policy that takes everyone’s views into account.”

The policy outlines the criteria required for mobile vendors to operate on public lands, outlines the fee schedule for various types of mobile vending permits, establishes a need for mobile food vendors to have a safety codes inspection, and establishes a 50-metre setback for a mobile vendor from a business that sells a similar product or service.

The 50-metre setback can be eliminated through an agreement with the existing business.

Further to necessary business licences, mobile food vending permits will cost $500 for an annual permit and $150 for a three-day or special-event permit. Merchandise vending permits will cost $500 a year or $75 for a three-day or special-event permit. Mobile vending permits for arts and crafts vendors will be free of charge.

“Mobile vendors bring exciting options to the city and we want to encourage them to do business here,” Copeland said. “This policy provides a good framework of regulations that meets the needs of mobile vendors and the existing business community, while also recognizing that these businesses can use public space safely and responsibly.”

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