Friday , 23 April 2021

School Board responds to École du Sommet Situation

The elected school board for Conseil scolaire Centre-Est (East Central Francophone), have released a statement following a school walk out on May 3rd. Over 50 students and parents walked out of École du Sommet in St. Paul and marched to the School Board’s office to demand answers behind the absence of Principal, Yvan Beaudoin.

A statement received from Chair of the Board, Réginald Roy, with board members, Natalie Beland, Sonya Vincent, Mario Gagné, Caleb Ryan states that there are legal issues surrounding the absence of Principal, Yvan Beaudoin.

“There is an unresolved human resource issue at École du Sommet and privacy laws prevent us from talking about it publicly.  We are also aware that parents and other members of the community are asking a number of other questions. Unfortunately the same restrictions apply in these cases. Where we can address issues that are raised, we have done so.”

The Board also states that they are working with an independent investigator to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, “We have engaged an independent investigator to establish all the facts related to this matter. We are committed to letting her complete her work and provide us with a report.”

We – the elected members of the Board – are committed to the principle of providing a welcoming, benevolent, respectful and secure learning environment that values diversity and promotes a sense of belonging in our schools. And, we fully intend to discharge these responsibilities until the end of our mandate. – Conseil scolaire Centre-Est School Board.

The Board did not give a timeline as to when the investigation will be complete.

“Negative comments and aggressive accusations are not helpful.  We need to focus on what really matters here – the education and well being of our students.”

MLA David Hanson, who recently questioned the Education Minister, David Eggen, on the matter stated that the school board is not at fault, “they are elected officials and have to work with the legislation they are given. It is the Minister’s legislation and he should be assisting.”

Yvan Beaudoin has been “absent” for 46 days, an official statement as to his absence has not been released.


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