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Parents plan walk out at École du Sommet

Raising concerns over the absence of the principal, Yvan Beaudoin, at École du Sommet in St. Paul have caused parents to plan a school walk out, for today at 11:30 am.

Sue Stybel, representing the concerned parents sent out a press release to local media, stated:

“On Monday March 19th,2018 , 45 days to date, we the parents of École du Sommet requested information from our board (East Central Francophone or Conseil scolaire Centre-Est) pertaining to the fact that our children noticed the principal was gone.

The staff at the school could not comment and the superintendent Marc Dumont would not take calls or answer emails. It was told to one of our parents by president Reginald Roy on March 21, 2018 that our principal was “suspended” but could not provide any more information. Since that conversation they have recanted and are now calling our principal “absent”.”

Concerns go up to MLA for St. Paul-Two Hills-Lac La Biche, David Hanson. Hanson addressed the Minister of Education, David Eggen during Legislative Question Period. The MLA quested the Minister as to why there has been no information given to parents.

“The lack of information only feeds speculation and rumours and drives a wedge between parents and the elected board. I’ve asked you previously to speak to these frustrated parents. Minister to do you have any information as to the status of this situation?” questioned MLA Hanson.

The Minister of Education, David Eggen responded that he is taking the matter very seriously and that he was to understand that the school board sent out a letter to parents.

“The school board has conducted and engaged in a very thorough investigation in regards to the circumstances around the suspension,” said Minister Eggen.

In regards to an accusation that students were removed from school property, without parental consent, Minister Eggen responded that he was aware of an investigation in regards to a human resources matter, without addressing the issue as to whether or not he was aware of student(s) being removed from school property without parental consent.

In the press release allegations of a student(s) being removed from school are addressed and coupled with parents concerns for safety of the children.

“Since day one we the parents have made it clear that we will respect the legalities of the situation but still require proper lines of communication while the board investigates this matter. It does not take away the fact that we have clear concerns. One being the safety of our children as students were removed from school property by a school board employee(s) with no parental consent or knowledge. We are outraged that no disciplinary action has been taken towards the board member(s)/employee(s) who were involved in the removal of the children. These employee(s) are still actively working in our schools.”

Excerpt from the release:

It is our view that all staff members at École du Sommet, without exception, including our principal Yvan Beaudoin, provide our children with a welcoming, benevolent, respectful, and secure learning environment that values diversity and promotes a sense of belonging. An investigation of the principal and of the school was unnecessary to determine what we already knew to be true: we have full confidence in the team at École du Sommet.


As parents and stakeholders, we demand a change in our school board for the well-being of our children, teachers and principals.

As parents and stakeholders, we demand transparency, honesty, and better leadership for our children, teachers and principals.

As parents and stakeholders, we have lost all confidence and trust in the board’s ability to properly govern our schools.

We have filed numerous complaints to the Minister of Education, David Eggen, with no response. This does become a province wide issue if our Minister of Education does not hold school boards responsible for removing children from schools with no consent.

On Thursday May 3rd, 2018 we will demonstrate our determination as parents, students, and members of our community for collaboration with the Conseil scolaires Centre-Est. We will walk from École du Sommet at 11:30 to the East Central Francophone School Board and display the passion we have for our school and to demand the respect we deserve.

École du Sommet is a Kindergarten to Grade 12 school in St. Paul. It is governed by East Central Francophone or Conseil scolaire Centre-Est. 

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