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On the beat – RCMP in Elk Point

Fighting crime in Elk Point detachment keeps RCMP busy


Usually January and February are quiet months at the Elk Point RCMP Detachment, but according to Sergeant Terry Hyggen, in his report to the Elk Point Town Council on March 26, 2018 began with 552 calls for service, representing steady business for law enforcement.


Hyggen provided a list that “ranged from traffic offences and collisions to property offences and serious person’s crimes. There were 30 reports of break and enter, 6 reports of vehicle thefts and 77 reports of thefts, 63 reports of mischief, 42 reported assaults, 30 reports of robbery, extortion or threat, 5 sexual assaults, 55 motor vehicle collisions, and 13 charges laid under the Traffic Safety Act.”


Hyggen said that while the number of vehicle thefts is down, 30 robberies quite high and is a concern. Domestic calls, including sexual assaults, are also a concern.


Liaison with the schools is an important aspect of community policing. Hyggen’s goal is to ensure that the students are familiar with the local RCMP members and that the members know the physical layouts of the schools, especially with schools being vulnerable. RCMP plan to participate in lockdown exercises in each school in the detachment twice a year.


As a result of Community Consultative Group meetings the detachment is aiming at crime reduction, drug and gang issues, property crimes, and traffic issues. A special crime reduction team in the St. Paul District attends Elk Point detachment from time to time to focus resources on rounding up individuals who have warrants out for their arrest.  An exercise last fall saw 17 offenders picked up, resulting in “an immediate decrease in activity” said Hyggen. Recent success in apprehending repeat offenders who “we really needed out of the community,” has also demonstrated the value of the team. “It’s a great initiative. I expect to see the team here again in the spring.”


Frog Lake Chief and Council would like to see RCMP members in Frog Lake on a full time basis and have been in discussion with Hyggen, however, obtaining funding and a lack of political will at the provincial level have been obstacles.


Elk Point detachment is undergoing some personnel changes, welcoming Cst. Brean Desaulnier and Cst. Brett Holt, but bidding farewell to Cst. Cindy Tymensen and Cst. Anthony Unger.

Hyggen also reported that the new detachment building on Railway Avenue is nearing completion, and should be in operation in June 2018.

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