St. Paul Council Highlights – March 12 2018

St. Paul Town Council Highlights – March 12, 2018

Centerfield Music Festival – The Centerfield Music Festival will take place on June 15 and 16 in St. Paul. The RCMP met with Council to determine the flow of traffic during the event. They determined that RCMP will facilitate the closure of Highway 29 around the baseball fields and Landing Pad during main events. Traffic will be rerouted north of the highway. This is the same traffic route that was used last year.

38th Street Sign – The street known as 38th street runs south of the highway just east of Canadian Tire. This street is not actually a municipal road and is not owned by the town. The street is actually a lane owned by a private contractor. As such, the lane was not built to Municipal standards and is not part of the town’s snow removal routes. There is currently a sign designating the lane as 38th street, but to avoid confusion and to ensure the public is aware that it is a privately owned lane, the 38th street sign will be removed.




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