Proposed Option for Seniors’ Housing

County Garden Villas could offer independent senior living in Elk Point


A proposal to construct a seniors’ condo at the north end of 51st Street piqued the interest of Elk Point Councillors at the Town’s regular meeting on March 13.  Dixie Dahlstedt, CEO of Country Garden Villas, presented a plan for townhouse units designed for residents aged 55+.

Dahlstedt’s vision is to build on 7.71 acres north of the current townhouses and apartments.  She has designed the project uniquely for Elk Point.

Plans show a ground level complex constructed in an X pattern.  Along each arm of the X is a row of six self-contained two-bedroom/two-bathroom units, about 1250 ft2 each. At the intersection of the X is a common social area. Each unit has a patio and private garden at the front. A corridor runs along the back of the complex to allow movement between units and the common area. This corridor will enable residents to socialize or to access services like hair care or exercise programs within the building, as well as allowing home care or other professionals to access clients in their homes.

From the corridor, each residence will also have an independent entry to its own two car garage.

Dahlstedt recognizes the social, medical, and financial benefits for seniors to live at home. Her units would allow couples, individuals, individuals with caregivers, or friends who want to share costs to live in an easily accessible home with such amenities as raised kitchen and laundry appliances,  3’ wide doors, easy-open hardware on doors, faucets and cupboards, large windows, furnace and air conditioner, and a gas fireplace.

With experience in design and renovation in Edmonton and New York, her motivation is to “create something that is physically, psychologically, economically welcoming. Something that people are attracted to…I thought the best way to do this, so that people could take pride in ownership, was to take the cost of facilities out of care by shifting your assets into something that is still valuable. It would be a tangible asset of your estate, as opposed to the costs of rental accommodations.”

The Town Administration is drafting a Memorandum of Understanding to negotiate details, but Dahlstedt is hoping to “see phase one off the ground this spring.” Phase one would be six units in the first arm of the X.

Pricing has not yet been determined, and Dahlstedt is not concerned about pre-selling. Condo fees would pay for snow removal, lawn mowing, garden cleaning, window cleaning, etc.


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