Devon Energy is Golden Jubilee Sponsor for Portage College’s 50th Anniversary

Portage College thanks Devon Energy for the generous donation of $75,000 for Portage’s 50th anniversary events, becoming this year’s Golden Jubilee Sponsor. All money raised will support the events for the 50th year and all profits at the end of the year will go to the Spirit of Community Partnerships Endowment.

“Devon continues to be a ground breaking partner since 2005,” said Dr. Trent Keough, President and CEO of Portage College. “We look forward to another decade of their ongoing support to education and being a leader in our economy.”

Not only has Devon Energy been the largest contributor of intellectual property for programming, and placed hundreds of practicum students from Portage’s Power Engineering Programs, they also support the ongoing Devon Canada Entrance Bursary as well as a number of other initiatives.

“Portage grads are trained in many of the disciplines our industry hires for, so our continued support of the College makes them one of our strategic partners in northeast Alberta,” said Tracey Thompson, community relations professional. “We have had a long-standing, successful relationship with the College for more than a decade and look forward to a continued partnership as the Golden Jubilee Sponsor for the 50th Anniversary.”

Portage hopes to build the endowment fund to $1 million, which will be used to offer scholarships to all students. A requirement as a recipient of the endowment is to demonstrate community spirited volunteerism.

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