Property Crime continues to be an Issue

“There’s no doubt, property crime continues to be an issue,” Constable Dave Hart with the Cold Lake RCMP Detachment wants to encourage the public to continue to be proactive and to continue to be the RCMP eyes on the streets. Understandably, the RCMP are not able to be everywhere, and rely a lot on public calls and complaints.

In being proactive, the RCMP encourages the general public in being diligent in regards to not leaving keys in vehicles, doors open, or leaving vehicles unlocked and running while it’s cold out. “We always see a spike, when the weather gets cold and people go out and start their vehicles.”

One recent example of the public helping the RCMP with a major bust, occurred on January 29th, when a complaint regarding a stolen generator lead RCMP to recovering $75,000 in stolen goods. The tip also lead to eight people being arrested, 13 arrest warrants issued, and 22 charges.

“Property crime is an on-going issue.” Constable Hart says a common way of thinking is the RCMP are too busy for complaints regarding suspicious behaviour, “we strongly encourage any type of suspicious activity to call it in.”