Personating an officer

On December 23rd, the Bonnyville RCMP were notified of a strange call that a man had received; supposedly from the police.

Constable Wanda Decoste explains, “the complainant called in and reported that a ‘police officer’ had called him and left a voicemail stating, ‘he had to turn down his hillbilly music’.” The call did not come from a police officer, confirms Cst. Decoste, “we did not have a noise complaint for his address or anything. It was someone playing a prank on him or something.”

Personating a peace officer can come with very serious consequences; however in this case the call was blocked and the police were not able to trace the call. “It is very serious,” according to Canadian Criminal Code, if found guilty of personating a peace officer, you could face a minimum fine and up-to a fine with jail time.