Bonnyville’s east side of Lakeshore Drive becoming a problem

The Bonnyville RCMP have increased patrols of the east side of Lakeshore Drive after some complaints came in from the public and Town Council. The area, an open field east of the splash park, at the end of a cul-de-sac, has become a popular meeting area for teens and young adults.

Sergeant Sarah Parke, with the Bonnyville RCMP Detachment explains, “the RCMP have been focusing on that area and trying to reduce the complaints coming from that area. We would like to remind the public that it’s not a meeting place or a place to hang out.” Complaints of noise, litter, and vagrancy have been coming into the Detachment. “The Town brought that to our attention and we’ve increased patrols.”

The RCMP are also focusing on the Jesse Lake parking lot, across from Notre Dame High School, “that is getting much better,” reports Sgt. Parke. RCMP did not conclude that higher patrols of the parking lot may have caused a shift in where the popular meeting place for the teens and young adults had moved to; though one could draw that conclusion. “We encourage citizens to call in any suspicious activity for [the RCMP] to go and check out.”