Operation Red Nose hits the road tonight in Cold Lake

After many weeks of preparation to organize Canada’s largest safe ride home service, the 34th annual Operation Red Nose campaign, « Your Safe Ride Home », is back and ready to hit the road in 100 communities across Canada, 3 of which are in Alberta. Starting this evening, Operation Red Nose will feature on the calendar of celebrations to provide an alternative option that is both safe and memorable to thousands of motorists who don’t feel fit to drive.

Requesting a safe ride is simple!

Motorists can now reach their local operation through Operation Red Nose’s mobile application available for free, in English and in French, on the App Store and Google Play. Designed to make it easier for motorists to call Operation Red Nose, the application allows one to contact the closest operation and to set up an alarm to remind themselves that it’s time to call for a safe ride home. The national website at OperationRedNose.com also displays all local information useful for both motorists who want to use the service and volunteers who want to take part in this year’s campaign.

Applying to Volunteer

Each year, the success of Operation Red Nose relies on the amazing participation of 55,000 volunteers who put on the red vest to help make their community’s roads safer during the holiday season. Volunteer application forms are available at OperationRedNose.com for those wishing to volunteer for one or more than one night of operation. One can either send their application by mail or by email, in addition to being able to join the Operation Red Nose family of volunteers anytime during the campaign.

A service that supports youth and amateur sport

While the service is provided free of charge to motorists who chose to use Operation Red Nose as their safe ride home, those who make a donation at the end of their ride help fund youth or amateur sports initiatives in their community. The total amount of their donation will indeed help local non-profit organizations who benefit from the $1.5 million raised annually in Canada.

About Operation Red Nose

Operation Red Nose is a non-profit organization with a mission to encourage responsible behaviour with regard to impaired driving in a non-judgmental manner, by enabling communities to provide a free and confidential chauffeur service to their members. The money it raises is redistributed to local organizations dedicated to youth and amateur sports, and invested in responsible drinking and road safety awareness campaigns.