Thursday , 23 September 2021

RCMP help rescue two lost kayakers on Beaver River

On September 29th, the Cold Lake RCMP received a 911 call that two kayakers were lost on the Beaver River. Cold Lake RCMP Constable Leslie Rice explains it was a joint rescue effort, “we received a 911 call and through GPS on their phones we determined they were on the military base side of the Beaver River. We advised the MPs (Military Police) and in conjunction with the MPs, we located the kayakers.”

“We were unable to get to them by ground means. A military Search & Rescue helicopter was dispatched,” Cst. Rice says two females were rescued from the Beaver River and transported to hospital, “they were treated for hypothermia.” A 20 year old female and 40 year old female, of Cold Lake, were rescued and treated at the Cold Lake hospital.

Cst. Rice says this is not the first call of this nature he’s experienced in his years at the Cold Lake Detachment. “It’s very popular for people to get dropped off in Ardmore and tub down the river. This is at least the second, if not the third call I can remember where people have not made it all the way down the river.”

The last call Cst. Rice responded to of this nature, involved a few men, who were separated from their group and didn’t know where they were. The men stopped on the river, halfway to their destination, and walked through the woods until the happened upon the military base. The remaining men on the river, didn’t know what happened to the men who had strayed from the group and called the police. It was several hours before the stray men were located, safe, at their residents.

Cst. Rice advises to prepare yourself, if you are planning a trip down the river. Take the proper precautions; including, dressing for the weather/conditions, using GPS or maps, and having proper hydration and food available. Always let people know where you are going.

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