Thursday , 23 September 2021

Candidate for Councillor of MD Ward 1 Josh Crick wants to ensure the MD is a great place to live

Josh Crick takes his candidacy for Municipal District (MD) of Bonnyville Councillor of Ward 1 seriously. For the last year and a half he has been attended MD Council meetings and events studying and getting to know the procedures and policies. He has also been attending neighbouring communities’ council meetings and a large number of events.

“I’ve only missed one council meeting in a year and a half,” Crick says he’s had the privileged of really getting to know how council operates, “there’s a lot of things that Council does really well. They’ve improved a lot of roads and the current Council has never gone into a deficit. I really appreciate that.” With the good Crick has noticed, he’s also noticed room for improvement.

Crick would lead by listening first, “I’ve been going to a lot of people’s doors and listening. Listening is what I do, a lot better than talking. It’s great to hear everybody’s story.” In listening Crick is able to discover what they residents concerns are, “one of the biggest concerns I’ve been hearing, is that a lot of people are worried about crime and their own personal safety.” He’s witnessed this fear firsthand on the campaign trail, “when I drive into people’s driveways, you can see a lot of people are scared and I’m just going in to say hi and see what their concerns are.”

“As a Councillor, I will do what I can to help reduce crime, as much as possible and make the MD a safe and fun place to live.” Crick sees crime as a regional problem and would propose that all the area municipalities and stakeholder get together to come up with a plan, “if you chase them out of the MD, they’ll go to the town or to the County [of St. Paul]. We have to work together. We can’t do it, just ourselves.”

“I don’t want to be an old man and complaining about where we’re at as a community. I figured it’s time for me to get involved.” Crick owns a construction business, with a focus on roofing. “I’ve been in the area for quite a while now, 16 years and living in the MD of Bonnyville. I really love it here, ” Crick has four boys with wife Sarah. The family lives in Ward 1 of the MD of Bonnyville. “We’re raising our four boys in the MD of Bonnyville and I want to do my part in making the MD a great place to live.”

Crick is just shy of a year on the Board of Directors on the Bonnyville & District Chamber of Commerce. His experience on the chamber, as well as business knowledge and attending a multitude of MD meetings and events have poised his well-prepared for the job of Councillor.

“I’m a carpenter by trade, when I graduated years ago, I graduated with the highest marks in all of Alberta. I’m a hard working and I like to give things a lot of thought.” Crick says he likes to take his time and really analysis both sides of a situation before making a decision, “I’m not going to make some rash decision, I’ll hear all side of the story and make an educated decision.”

We need people with business experience making decisions with money. – Josh Crick Candidate for Councillor Ward 1 Municipal District of Bonnyville.

“I want to give Don Sinclair a big thank you for all his years of service, as a Councillor,” Sinclair pulled his name from the list of candidates. Sinclair was a Councillor, turned grader operator, turn Councillor for 10 years before his retirement.

“As a Ward 1 Councillor, I’d like to continue to improve our roads and make the MD a safer place.


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