Unofficial List of Candidates for the County of St. Paul

Here is the unofficial list of candidates for the County of St. Paul


1) Leo de Moissac
2) Glen Ockerman
3) Steve Upham

Division 1 

1) Dean Smith
2) Darrell Younghans

Division 2

1) Myra Bochon
2) Ron Heraid
3) Kevin Wirsta

Division 3

1) Cliff Martin
2) Ray Suvak

Division 4

1) Maxine Fodness
2) James McGonigal

Division 5

1) Dale Hedrick
2) Barry Sallstrom
3) Ric Webster

Division 6

1) Laurent Amyotte (Acclaimed)


Note: This is an unofficial candidate list. As per Section 32 of the Local Authorities Election Act; candidates may withdraw their nomination at any time within 24 hours after the close of the nomination period by filing in written notice with the Returning Officer. The official candidate list will be available after 12 Noon on September 19, 2017.