Dates Released for Lac La Biche Junior B Clippers Main Camp

The Lac La Biche Junior B Clippers have released their Main Camp schedule. The team will begin to take form on September 8th, when Head Coach Terry Ewasiuk, and his coaching staff open a new chapter of Clippers hockey. Main Camp begins on September 8th.

The NEAJBHL will be welcoming the Junior B Clippers as the 11th franchise this year.

Junior B Clippers Main Camp Schedule

The sign up fee for Main Camp is $80. Below you will find the schedule for the Lac La Biche Clippers Main Camp, and coach contacts:

Lac La Biche Junior B Clippers Main Camp Schedule and contact info.

Junior B Clippers get good response

When Head Coach Terry Ewasiuk last talked to the Junior B Clippers board, things were looking good. The board estimates Main Camp will draw 30-40 players for the inaugural tryouts.

“From what I’ve been looking at, I think we are going to surprise some teams. The Lac La Biche area does have a pretty good minor hockey program. Also, the surrounding areas like Plamondon, and Boyle. When it’s all said, and done I think we will surprise some teams. I was surprised with some of the skill that was available to us in the area.” Head Coach Ewasiuk says, “That being said, with Portage not moving to Cold Lake, there’s always cuts from there. It’s possible there will still be players that go to school, but can’t make the team. They may still want to play hockey, so it works perfect for them.”

Ewasiuk at the helm

Terry Ewasiuk is a former Head Coach of the Portage Voyaguers, and Grant MacEwan Griffins. He has also coached the Saddle Lake Warriors of the NEAJBHL. Coach Ewasiuk hopes to guide the team out of the gate the same way he has with his previous teams.