Speed Reduction

St. Paul reduces speed to 30 km/hr on 55th Avenue.

After hearing concerns from residents on 53rd to 56th street and 55th avenue in St. Paul, the Town has voted to reduce the speed for the three blocks from 50 km/hr to 3o km/hr. When the request was made in mid-June, in the form of a delegation, Council requested that the residents of the blocks be surveyed and if the majority were in favour of the reduction than it would go through. With the support of the residents, Council has approved the reduction.

Daniel Sweigocki spoke to Council in June, stating that he was there for the “safety of the kids.” Sweigocki, like many on the block, has young children who often play in the front yard, “this road is busy and used not only by us, but by people to the west and east of us. Every time a car drives on this road at 50 kms/hr or even 40 kms/hr there is a risk of this car not being able to react in time, in case of a child running onto the road, after a ball or a toy. A child simple crossing the or a child swerving onto the road, while riding a bike or a scooter on the side walk.”

Sweigocki also addressed other concerns with the layout of the block, including the fact that there was no crosswalk and there was no access to a nearby park. At the time of the delegation, Council decided to tackle one problem at a time, being the speed limit, before addressing the other concerns.

The Town of St. Paul has put out notices with the new speed limit and that municipal enforcement will be active in the area to enforce the speed. There are signs indicating the change on 55th avenue from 53rd street to 56th street. At this time it is unknown if the issue of crosswalks and access to the park will be brought back to Council for further discussion.