Bobbie Dudley is your Sole Survivor

Survivor Lakeland raises $50,000 for KidSport Bonnyville.

Bobbie Dudley has outwitted, outlasted, and outplayed her 22 fellow castaways and walked away (a little sore) with $5,000. The young mother of two, says she’ll be using the money to help pay her rent and household costs after losing her job only a few weeks before entering the game.

“Paying rent and feeding my kids… Paying some bills,” Bobbie laughs with relief knowing she can take care of her family for awhile off the prize money. “I have to thank my boyfriend, Mike,” Bobbie’s other half was at the sidelines of the game throughout the five days, every chance he had. He brought her two kids to watch with him and the three spend their time cheering on Bobbie from behind the fence. “If he wasn’t here, I don’t know what I would do.”

Bobbie, an original Lakeland Connect tribe member, says she stuck to her original tribe to help her win the game, “it was blue all the way. I stayed true to blue and never broke my alliances.”

HusbandChad & Team Lakeland Connect

As for HusbandChad, he did not fair as well as Bobbie. Chad went to the final six and after an intense tie vote, in which he was not on the block, but because the tie could not be broken, the castaways who were left not on the block had to draw ducks to determine who was being sent home. The odd duck out, was eliminated from the game and sadly, that was HusbandChad.

“The worst part is knowing I wasn’t voted out. I was the only castaway that wasn’t voted out of the game,” Chad says it was especially hard because he knew his alliance was strong, “I had a final three alliance with our original Team Lakeland Connect tribe, they were still in it and I trusted they would’ve voted the way we had to be final three.”

Bobbie ended up sitting in one of the three seats in the end. Which gave Chad some comfort, “at least it was her. She was an original Team Lakeland Connect and I’m happy she won.”

Money Raised

The game was the brain child of Rob Bush, who brought reality tv to life six years ago. The game has been played out ever summer since, except for in 2016 when the committee took the summer off after recognizing the affects of the downturn in the economy had. The committee wanted to ensure the event was a success and felt by taking the year off people would be rejuvenated, and they were right! The event was one of the most successful to date, raising $50,000 for KidSport Bonnyville.

One of the most interactive events yet, the game allowed the public to participate through an online store, Perks or Perils. The store had many nice items up for sale, that would be given to a castaway or tribe of choice, including toothbrushes and toothpaste. And some not-so-nice items, including jumping jacks every hour throughout the night or having a castaway sent to Exile Island.  It was a great way to increase the donations and have fun in the game, says Rob.

“This is probably the best year we’ve had yet,” Rob says that the entire committee, castaways, sponsors and volunteers are to thank for the event, “this is the best crew we’ve had. The committee is second to none.” The event took place outside at Little Leap Park in Bonnyville, the castaway for three of the four nights battled the elements; however, Thursday’s night’s storm proved too intense, “other than the near tornado we had, the weather was great. And when that happened no one complained, everyone just banned together and did what we had to do.” The Neighbourhood Inn ended up hosting the castaways overnight in their conference room.

2018 Survivor Lakeland

“We will be doing this again next year, the recipient has already been chosen,” Rob confirms we will see a 2018 Survivor Lakeland! “We are good to go for next year.” Rob has promised to let Lakeland Connect know when the time is ready who the recipient will be and how to participate in 2018 Survivor Lakeland.

This year’s events major sponsor was R&S Adventures, the company donated the prize money and were instrumental in ensuring the event was able to move forward. If you would like to learn more about Survivor Lakeland visit them at survivorlakeland.com. Follow Survivor Lakeland on Facebook for more great photos, interviews, and videos from the event.