Two Bonnyville Men Honoured

Paul Bougie Memorial Park & Wayne Manor coming soon!

The Bonnyville naming committee made two naming recommendation to Town Council at Tuesday’s meeting, which Council approved.

1. To name the west end ball park after sports pioneer Paul Bougie, “Paul Bougie Memorial Park”.

2. To name the Affordable Housing Unit after Wayne Ross, an advid Batman fan, “Wayne Manor”.

Paul Bougie Memorial Park

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Mark Power explains, “in 2010 we received a request from Janet Bougie Bourget to rename the west ball diamonds in honour of her father, Paul Bougie.” Paul Bougie had previously served as a Councillor, for the Town of Bonnyville, from 1953-1968, “after that he served time as the Town Sherriff,” confirms Power.

In a letter addressed to former Mayor, Ernie Isley, dated July 24th, 2010, Janet Bougie Bourget describes her father as, “a sports pioneer, as well as, a community builder, caring and helping out his fellow man any way he could; be it monetary or in the sharing of tasks.”

The ball park will have similar signage to the Kushnar Ball Park.

Wayne Manor

CAO Powers says the request to rename the Affordable Housing Unit after Wayne Ross came in from Christi Neahr, with the Dove Centre. Wayne had been a long time resident of the Affordable Housing Unit, in fact he was one of the original tenants of the unit. In an email to Power, Neahr describes Wayne as a “huge Batman fan”. It seemed fitting that the unit be named, “Wayne Manor”.

The honour is duo for the Ross family as it recognizes Wayne, who has passed on, and also in a sens his brother Brian, who was a longtime board member of the Affordable Housing Unit.

The Affordable Housing Unit will have a plaque naming it Wayne Manor.

To learn more about the Bonnyville Naming Committee and how you can make a recommendation, contact the Town of Bonnyville at 780-826-3496.