Bonnyville to Celebrate Canada 151 with a Bang!

Town promises magnificent fireworks show for July 1, 2018.

Town of Bonnyville Council made a decision at Tuesday’s Council meeting as to what to do with the refunded fireworks money. “We had a fizzle pop this year, with lots of disappointment. There was some serious issues that the contractor had and some profuse apologies for the mechanical errors,” Mayor of Bonnyville, Gene Sobolewski, says the Town was refunded their money after all the fireworks failed to go off at the Canada 150 Celebrations.

With the refund, a few ideas came to the Town; including the rodeo and a special event, such as a fun day in the park. With those in mind,  the Town has decided to save the fireworks for the 2018 Canada Day Celebrations, confirms Mayor Sobolewski. “For Council, we do the fireworks for people to see and for the Canada Day long weekend, we have thousands of people,” the mayor explains that if they were to hold a different event, there’s no guarantee that they will have the crowd to enjoy the show. Whereas, for Canada Day, they are confident there will be people.

“We going to take the refund and set it aside, and the amount of money we budget on an annual basis, we’re going to combine that into the kitty for the fireworks next year. We’re going to be the only municipality celebrating 151 as hard as we are going to!” The mayor promises to light up the sky on July 1, 2018.

Overall, Mayor Sobolewski says the Canada 150 Celebrations were phenomenal, “the day didn’t just ride on the fireworks,” as he thanks to committee and the volunteers for their outstanding efforts on the day.