Tennis Alberta Hosts Festival in Cold Lake

All the groups involved could not have asked for better weather to officially open the new tennis courts in Cold Lake. The courts at Ivan Krook Memorial Park have under gone a revitalization over the past year. The new playing surface faced its first major test on Saturday.

Courts officially open

The first part of the program Saturday morning saw the ribbon cutting ceremony officially open the courts. Cold Lake Mayor Craig Copeland, and members of council were on hand for the ceremony. People from all parts of the community took part in opening the new courts.

Davis Cup feel comes to Cold Lake

Tennis Alberta and their partner Play City hosted the festival in Cold Lake in celebration of the Davis Cup’s return to Alberta, on Saturday. While the Davis Cup will not be played until September (in Edmonton), Tennis Alberta is already generating the excitement. The Davis Cup is returning to Alberta for the first time in 19 years.

Saturday featured youth who had come out to play getting the chance to showcase the tournament’s style. The kids were split into two teams to demonstrate a mini-tournament for the audience. India and Canada will play each in the Davis Cup in September.

“The festival is all about getting people an opportunity to play the game and some competition. As well, to be aware of international competetion coming to our province for the first time in 19 years.” David Rossolatos, Tennis Alberta representative, says.

Cold Lake Tennis charting a course

The new upstart group “Cold Lake Tennis” worked quickly to get Tennis Alberta in to host the festival. The courts opened, and it took a span of three weeks from reaching out to Tennis Alberta. The work began shortly after the courts opened in early June Tennis Alberta was keen on Cold Lake revitalizing tennis in the community. Cold Lake Tennis took care of finding sponsors for the event, and for giveaways.

“We are planning to host similar events four times a year. Hopefully if things work out we will have one around Halloween time. An indoor event. We don’t know the details [yet]. It will be mostly focused on young people, and getting them ready for the outdoor season.” Cold Lake Tennis Coordinator Azam Khan explains.

What is Play City?

Play City is an app developed by a Calgary resident; it allows sport enthusiasts to find others who want to play. The app allows you to find people and playing surfaces in your area. The app’s main sport right now is Tennis, but it is quickly growing in other sports.