Play Ball!

Tales from the Doug Out: June 27th, 2017

Nothing is better than going to the ball park on a week night or a weekend and seeing all the diamonds in use. The cars and  people everywhere. It’s even better is when the crowd cheers on their team and horns are honking. People shouldn’t be sitting in their cars, I agree, but for most of this year it’s been difficult to play ball with all the rain. This weekend, however, it was terrific for our minor ball teams playing in the Lakeland League Finals.
For the most part the sun did shine this past weekend, except here in Elk Point during the Peewee boys tournament when the sky opened up about 5 pm Saturday and dumped all over us causing a two hour delay. The last games that day did play starting at 7pm, but it was very messy and required a number of dry balls.
The Peewee Sox who hosted the league final, with 12 other teams coming to Elk Point, lost both of their games by close score. They gained a lot of baseball skills this year and ran a fantastic tournament. We have a great reputation already for running big tournaments and this just put another feather in our hat. Thanks to Shaun Pavol, Tyler Loughran  and Myrna Moroziuk for coaching and also helping with everything else involved in running a huge tournament. Thank you to all the parents who kicked in and took a booth shift, or scorekept or helped with the grounds crew; some of you did all of the above. The diamonds looked great and we received lots of complements on how well the tournament was run.
Plamondon #1 defeated St Paul #1  for the A side championship, Plamondon # 2 defeated Bonnyville # 1 for the B side championship.
One  of our teams  the Squirt girls brought home the league championship banner and bragging rights for the rest of the year. Up early and off to St. Paul on Saturday they won against the Bonnyville # 3 team 21 to 14 in their first game, then they just smoked Lac La Biche in the second game 30 to 9 after 5 innings sending them to the A side final where they met up against the Bonnyville # 1 team winning that one 28 to 10 and the league championship. Not bad for a team that almost never got off the ground, finding a coach and manager the night before the league started. Thanks to Amber Kryzanowski and Candace Bendixen stepping up to coach and Jodi Verenka taking on the managers job. Pitching staff for the Puma Squirts, starting with Chloe “Mouse” Bendixen who just happens to be celebrating her birthday today, also Ezra Wade and Kaylee Radcliffe. Behind the mask great catching by Rylee “the Rocket” Warawa and Jayci Marcoux. Lilly Swedgen on second base, Reyon Pahtayken and Rylee Verenka on shortstop are all very good catching grounders and throwing for outs on first. Kyra Quinney, Kylie Young and Robin Koren were great in the outfield tracking down fly balls. Half of this team are only first year players and he coaches and parents are very proud of them all.
 Meanwhile up in Bonnyville, the Peewee Puma girls took second place in the A final after playing against two undefeated teams to get there. All the girls played very well. Paige Skarsen getting  the majority of the pitching assignments.
Our little Puma mighty Mites girls team had a awesome year winning all but two games. Coach Lisa Warawa stated they came a long way with with 2 first year players and only 7 all year.
Coach Jackie Penz and the mosquitoes boys league team only lost one game all season to Bonnyville and played in Cold Lake this past weekend winning their first game against St. Paul then losing to the same Bonnyville team by two runs. Great year for them too!!
Our provincial mosquitoes team traveled to Fort Sask this past weekend winning two out of three games. losing a close one to Camrose 16 to 14, “the Mighty Casey” Warawa with two triples and a single in this one. The second game they won over Ft. Sask 2 to 2. Vaughn ‘ the Vulture’ with a home run, a triple and two singles in this one. In their third game they won 18 to 15 . The ” Mighty Casey’ picking off a player stealing to end the game with the tying run on base.

The bantam Sox provincial team played in Stettler this past weekend winning all three of their games. The first one against Red Deer 17 to 3, then Fort McMurray 15 to 1 then Camrose 11 to 3. Colton “Colt 45” Van Maarion with a in the park home run, Ethan Vassuer and Cody
“the Babe” Fairbairn with a triple each. Dalton “007” Reed with 12 K’s against Fort Mac, “the Babe” getting 8 strikeouts against Camrose. It was one great weekend all around the bases!!
And now for the K.A. Campbell quote of the week. ” No matter what the level of your ability, you have more potential than you can ever develop in a lifetime. ” – James T. McCay