Traffic Stop leads to Arrest

On June 18th, at approximately 8:00 pm, Cold Lake RCMP were on patrol and conducted a traffic stop on 53rd avenue. S/Sgt. with the Cold Lake Detachment, Jeremie Landry explains that an officer checked the licence plate on the vehicle, prior to pulling it over and the plate did not match the vehicle. As S/Sgt Landry explains the traffic stop turned into an arrest.

“This case shows that a simple traffic stop can often lead to a lot more,” says S/Sgt Landry. “It shows you the importance of that visibility and conducting the traffic stops. It increases the safety of the community.

“During that traffic stop a small amount of cannabis marihuana was located in the vehicle. As a result the driver was arrested,” S/Sgt Landry says it was found that the driver was also operating an unregistered motor vehicle. “There was also drug paraphernalia that was seized from the vehicle.”

The driver of the vehicle was arrested, with charges pending. The identity of the individual could not be revealed at this time, due to charges not formally being laid at the time of this publication.

“You think you’re just pulling someone over for expired plates, and then a whole lot of other stuff comes with it,” S/Sgt Landry explains there are certain red flags that the police look for, expired plates is one of those flags.