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Tales from the Doug Out: May 10th, 2017

This is the perfect example of a unlikely hero, but Mark my words, ‘he will do it again, and again, and again!’ The second star of the game Sunday night with two goals and two assists, Mark the “Marksman” Letestu, is still the first star all the time in my books. I do have to say it was a big night for the first star, Leon Draisaitl coming though with five points. I think the Ducks may regret they woke up that big monster. And just wait until McDavid kicks in tonight in game seven! No one that I know will want to miss this one.
Elk Point Minor Ball has four games scheduled for tonight. Safe to say everyone will be rushing home after the ball games to watch the Oilers. Good thing the game doesn’t start until 8:00 or 8:30. Makes for a short night sleep; but it will be worth it.  Lets go Oilers… Let’s Go!
The Elk Point Bantam Sox started their season this past Wednesday playing against Lac La Biche. Down by 8 runs early in the game, they put on the rally caps and came back to tie the game 10-all in the end. Then on this past Saturday, the Bantam Sox Provincial team traveled to Provost to play their first round of provincial games.  The first game was against last year’s silver medal team, that the Sox defeated by one run in the provincial final, the Beaumont Bo Sox. The second game was against the host Provost.  The Sox lost both games by the 10 run after five innings mercy rule; which isn’t all that uncommon in the first month of the season until the teams are re-tiered. (Provost was in Tier 1 last year and look strong again.)
Ty “Cobb” Semerka with a in-the-park home run that traveled down the first base line, deep into right field. He later hit a single out to center field. Graham “Uncle Cracker” Broda with a nice double to center field and defensively made a really strong throw from center field drilling the ball into third base for the out. Dalton “007” Reed also with a double to center field. Cody the “Babe” Fairbairn with a hard hit to second base and beat the throw for a infield single.
A brand new player to the game of baseball, but a terrific athlete, Colton “Colt 45” Van Maarion pitched for the first time ever. He used his goalie skills, from playing between the pipes for the Elk Point Avalanche hockey club, to scoop up a hot hopper and chucked it to first base for the out.
Not a lot of hits by the Sox. There were a few walks and some hit-by-pitches and lots of errors.  Despite a rough opening weekend, the potential is there for a great team.  As always there will be plenty for the coaching staff of Jon Shapka, Brian Poitras, Dean Rogal and Tad Reed to work on at practice.
You know I couldn’t talk ball without bringing up the Jays! It’s looking like the Blue Jays are starting to come around. It’ll still be an uphill battle, being 10 games back and all… but you never know!
 A big happy 34th birthday going out to a huge Oiler fan, the brother in law to the Marksman- Ryan Hahn.
And now for the K. A. Campbell quote of the week.  ‘ If I get run into again, I’m taking someone with me. I lost one knee. I’ll take a head if it happens again. – Grant Fuhr,