LCSD looks at Reconfiguration in Bonnyville

Board looks at shifting grades from one school to another as population grows.

Parents of students in the Lakeland Catholic School District (LCSD) in Bonnyville are asked to attend a reconfiguration meeting on Monday evening to discuss the possibility of moving grade level(s) to different facilities. Communications Officer with LCSD, Amanda Wildman explains that Ecole Notre Dame Elementary School has seen such an increase in students that it could be time to bump a grade over to Dr Brosseau; which in turn would bump a grade in Ecole Notre Dame High School.

“There’s going to be a couple of different scenerios presented, where some grades will be moved from one school to another and when we move one grade it’s going to effect the other schools,” Wildman says there’s a couple of different options that will be discussed in the meeting. “It’s based on student population and the current capacity of the schools, it really is a necessarily to do a reconfiguration of the schools.” The modernization of the high school will help with the ease of the reconfiguration. The new construction is scheduled to be completed in September, assures Wildman.

“We’re going to host an information meeting,” Wildman explains that parents would have received a letter from the District’s Superintendent, Joe Arruda. The possible reconfiguration will affect everything from academics, sports and of course social interactions of the children. “The board and a couple of teachers are going to talk to parents about a couple of different scenarios for reconfiguring a couple of grades within the schools.” Amanda explains the parent involvement is very important at this stage, “they’re going to take feed back from the parents and make their decision based on the feedback from the community. If the parents that have any ideas of their own, that are different than what the board presents, the board and senior admin would be happy to hear those as well”.

The reconfiguration meeting is on Monday March 27, at 6pm at the Dr. Brosseau school gym.