Road Rage

Cop Corner with S/Sgt Luis Gandolfi

Issue No 21: Road Rage

March 21st, 2017 

On the heels of a recent attack on a woman in Edmonton, it might be a good time to talk about Road Rage.  I think we all know what that is, hopefully not from first hand experience.  I can tell you that although vehicular disputes are somewhat common, thankfully reports of assaults or threats are rare.  That doesn’t mean they don’t happen though, so when they do it’s a good idea to stay calm and have a plan.

First of all, if you’re mobile stay that way.  Don’t allow yourself to be blocked or pulled over because it’s obvious the assailant wants to get their hands on you.  Drive to the nearest police station preferably and if that’s not possible try a fire station, hospital, or anywhere where help could be readily available.  Don’t drive yourself home unless you want them to know where home is…If you happen to get blocked off, lock your doors and grab your phone so you can dial 911.  While you’ve got your phone in your hand why not turn on your camera and record what the crazy person is doing….could help us identify and prosecute them and it might also settle them down if they realize you’re taking steps to protect yourself and document the situation.
While we’re on the topic of cameras, many people have invested a few dollars and installed a dash cam in their vehicles.  These are inexpensive and can help you during a collision, when a car wash rips off your antennae (this actually happened to me!), or when a police officer fouls up and charges you unjustly…er, wait a minute…anyways they’re available for around $200.
Let’s wrap this up with some never do’s.  Never exit your vehicle when challenged by an assailant to do so.  Never give another motorist the finger, even if they deserve it.  Stay calm, keep cool, and give us a call, we’ll get out to you just as quick as we can.  Stay Safe.