Is Your Well Working… Well?

Consider how your life would change if you lost your water supply!

Information provided by LARA

The Lakeland Agricultural Research Association (LARA) is hosting a Working Well Workshop at the Flat Lake Hall on Thursday evening. The workshop, which includes a dinner, will teach participates more about groundwater and important steps in maintaining the supply.

LARA asks rural residents, “did you know that a poorly maintained water well can put your water supply at risk of contamination and reduce your well yield?”. Over 600,00 Albertans use well water for their house supply, it is essential that the supply is well-maintained and clean, “the key to ensuring your water supply is safe and secure is knowing how groundwater works, learning about your well and understanding how to properly maintain it.”

“Proper water well siting, construction, maintenance and plugging will help protect your well from biofouling and contamination, save you costly repairs, and ensure your well water yields are sustained over many years,” the workshop is intended to teach rural residents everything they need to know to ensure their supply is sustainable.

What’s Covered:

  • Groundwater – how it works
  • Water Quality and Quantity Testing
  • Well Protection – protecting your well from contamination
  • Basic Well Maintenance
  • Water Sampling – how to do it

If you’d like to find out if your groundwater is at risk and learn what you can do to protect your well, attend a FREE water well management workshop being hosted by Lakeland Agricultural Research Association, and presented by the Working Well Program, with technical expertise from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, and Alberta Environment and Parks on March 23rd, 2017 at Flat Lake Hall with supper starting at 5:30 PM and the workshop starting at 6:30 PM This hands-on, informative workshop is designed to help water well owners better understand and manage their precious groundwater supplies.

Preregister by contacting Kellie at the LARA Office at: 780-826-7260