Bigger, brighter, and better schools

Improvements are always being made in SPERD schools; here’s this year’s capital plan priority list

To ensure healthy buildings and stimulating, up-to-date educational facilities, St Paul Education Regional Division No 1 (SPERD) is always building. For the 2017-18 school year, four capital projects are on the priority list:


Students at Ecole Mallaig School will see an upgraded science lab and a fresh, bright coat of paint on the gym. Behind the scenes, mechanical, electrical, and other maintenance work will ensure a safer, healthier, more durable school.


Over $1.3 has been invested in Myrnam School over the past 5 years to modernize the CTS shop, and the computer network, as well as replace doors, floors, and mechanical equipment. The final work should be completed by the time school resumes in September.


A big ticket item at Heinsburg School is the replacement of the fire alarm system. In recent years upgrades to the science room and a washroom have been made. The administration suite has been reconfigured to include an open admission window where parents and guests are welcomed to the school.


Although Two Hills Mennonite School (THMS) is still in the construction phase, potential space constraints are already being considered. Funding for the building was provided based on enrollment of 550 students, but population growth in the area continues, with more Mennonite families joining the community. Students and staff are eagerly awaiting the upcoming move-in date for the new school, but are conscious that more space may be needed.


And Ashmont school DID receive approval to be included as part of the provincial solar panel initiative, even though sod turning for the new school occurred before the initiative was announced. SPERD will be receiving funding to install solar panels – making Ashmont into SPERD’s  model of a green school!