Learn, improve, create at Yvonne’s Gone Quilting

There was a running joke at Yvonne St. Arnault house’s, that when friends would call and she wasn’t in, husband Aime would say, “Yvonne’s gone quilting.” It happened so often Aime finally became frustrated and urged his wife to make it official and find a way to make a business out of all the quilting she was doing. In 2010, when their daughter opened a clothing store, Yvonne set up shop in the back and slowly took over the entire store front. Located on the west-end of St. Paul, Yvonne has finally gone quilting, for good, with her quilting shop, Yvonne’s Gone Quilting.

“I’ve always sewn and I’ve known every fabric,” Yvonne says she’s always been a crafter. “My dad always said don’t get into crafts, there’s no money in crafts,” Yvonne laughs at the idea that despite warnings she still gravitated towards the crafters life. Mother of six kids, Yvonne became a teacher at 40 years old and taught for several years at Goodfish Lake School, before she opened Yvonne’s Gone Quilting. Her passion for quilting and teaching come together at the shop through quilting classes that help spread the love of quilting and teach people new skills.

Yvonne’s Gone Quilting has classes for beginners, intermediates and pros are offered in everything from patchwork to paper piecing. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, you can stop in at Yvonne’s for lessons on how to become a better quilter, “we give you everything you need from start to finish.” Yvonne says that herself or one of her expert staff members are on hand to help; she has applique, paper piecing, long arm and pattern specialists on staff. “You can call and let us know what you want to learn and we can book it.” The classes are only $20.

Some fun items that can help grow your quilting knowledge are mystery blocks. Every two months two new mystery blocks are released. You can pick up the bundle of fabric and take a class on Tuesday or Thursday to help assembly the block. “You don’t have to have quilted before.” The final block will be released in June and by placing it together you’ll have a beautiful new quilt; that’s a surprise the whole way through. “It’s good because you don’t know what it’s going to look like; so you follow the steps and learn something new,” Yvonne says it’s not too late to catch up, “there’s lots of time to get on track. Even if you’re new to quilting.”

If you want to have fun with quilting, Yvonne suggests trying a Jelly Roll, they’re as fun as they sound, “there’s so many different ways to put them together.” A Jelly Roll is a rolled up bunch of fabric, typically in bright fun colours, that when sewed together comes alive as a quilt. Yvonne’s of course offers classes on all the different ways to assemble a Jelly Roll and has a standing special on the product. Normally $69.00 each, if you buy 3 they are only $55.00 each. Some people even take Jelly Rolls to the extreme, Yvonne suggests looking up “Jelly Roll Races” on YouTube.

Yvonne’s has in stock the best fabric selection, including Canada 150 fabric, wilderness panels, Disney panels and coordinating 100% cotton threads. Quilting accessories, patterns, needles, mending patches, applique paper, a large selection of rulers and specialty cuts on demand. “It’s nice because we can do all the cutting for you and save you a lot of time,” Yvonne explains you can bring in any pattern and they will custom cut the fabric for that specific pattern. Other great options for fun quilts or gifts are Charm Packs and Layer Cakes. Yvonne’s Gone Quilting has the best products, ideas, and classes in the area. It’s no wonder that many people come from all over the region to shop at Yvonne’s Gone Quilting; Lac La Biche, Smokey Lake,Two Hills, Elk Point, Cold Lake, Bonnyville, and surrounding communities.

Browsing is encouraged at Yvonne’s Gone Quilting. They are located in the corner next to Smitty’s in the strip mall on west-end of St. Paul. You can also follow Yvonne’s Gone Quilting on Facebook for updates and classes.