Kinosoo Ridge Ski Patrol brings home the Hardware

Representatives from Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort awarded medals in Ski Patrol Comp

Photos provided by Virginia Blakie 

Three members of the Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP) Alicia Kalmanovitch, Robert Cafferky and Mark McGuire from Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort, Cold Lake attended a National CSP Competition in Marmot Basin, Jasper last weekend, February 11-12 2017.

They needed to demonstrate excellent first aid skills in a scenario-based event, and then their skiing ability by racing downhill around obstacles, with a toboggan in tow. They did a fantastic job, returning with 2 Silver medals for their On Snow skills and 1 Gold medal in First Aid.

Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort is celebrating 35 years of winter fun this weekend with SnöJuhla. Tickets are available to the family snow celebration at