SkiiTour Bringing the Electric Fun to Kinosoo

Whistler based DJ Duo, SkiiTour are bringing their unique electric party sound to Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort to help celebrate 35 years of winter fun with SnöJuhla. LCN caught up with one half of the pair, Tim Livingstone to discuss SkiiTour motto, “Music . Mountains . Magic”.

“We live in the mountains, our focus is music, and we try to create magic when we DJ,” laughs Tim as he reminisces on how he and Dave Rollie met over their love of the mountains  and became SkiiTour. “Dave (Rollie) grew up in New Zealand, I grew up in BC and we met in Whistler, in 2010,” Tim says the two really hit it off quick and it wasn’t hard to sync up musically. “We met and two weeks later we were DJing together, three weeks later we were in the studio together and we haven’t looked back since.”

One of the pair’s most common feedback from the audience is the amount of fun they appear to be having, “we’re up there making jokes and having the best time. Trying to play music that’s upbeat and fun. Skiing has an atmosphere of fun and we’re bringing that to the nightclubs or festivals that we play at.”

“We try to work in the studio everyday, but anytime there’s a POW Day, we’re on the mountains; that’s our main focus for sure,” Tim says he’s never been to Kinosoo Ridge and is looking forward to shredding the hill. Both DJs are snowboarding enthusiastic and only take a break from their music to hit the hill.

Prior to meeting both Tim and Dave were DJing separately and although Tim admits he’d likely still be playing solo gigs if he had never met Dave, it’s much better together. Starting out by mixing Tim’s last name with Dave’s DJ name “Canosis” the pair started out as Livingstone and Canosis, “it sounded like a law firm or something,” laughs Tim, who explains SkiiTour was given to them by a friend. “The first time we played Bass Coast our buddy came up and renamed us SkiiTour on stage. We thought, ‘that is a terrible name, we’ll never use it.’ Then he did it a week later at Shambhala,” the name stuck after the second time, says Tim.

“The first couple years we were making music, but it wasn’t sounding as good as we wanted it to, but after a couple of years we started getting our sound. So we thought, we might as rebrand ourselves and give ourselves a new name,” Tim says it was the best decision the pair have ever made. “It was the best thing we could do, we have a ski angle. We play in the winter, touring all these hills. It’s taken off.” The pair are known for their retro ski vests and always bringing their snow machines to every gig. “Since we live in the mountains, a ski resort, it’s perfect!”

You can catch SkiiTour at SnöJuhla on Sunday, February 19th, along with Neon Steve and the Funk Hunters. The celebration begins on Saturday with Lexi Strate and Coleman Hell. Tickets are available at or the hill.