Neon Steve Stoked for SnöJuhla

Canadian DJ Neon Steve says he’s stoked to be playing SnöJuhla on Sunday, February 19th at Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort. Neon Steve has held down top spots on Juno; Hypemachine, DJCity, Soundcloud, and Beatport charts. Has had exclusive premiers on taste making blogs like Run The Trap and Vice Media’s Thump. The DJ has also had tunes featured on Ministry of Sound compilations and get regular plays on Diplo and Friends on BBC 1Xtra. 
LCN caught up with Neon Steve this week, here’s a 101 to get you caught up with the DJ before Sunday’s show.
LCN – What do you love most about being a DJ?
Neon Steve- There’s too many reasons to choose just one…It really is the dream job! I’m addicted to travelling, so getting to share my music around the world is a huge bonus. Also making my own hours. I treat my studio time like a 9-5 when I’m home but I’m guilty of taking the odd afternoon off in the summer to go for a bike ride haha
LCN- I imagine there’s a different atmosphere in your shows, can you describe the feel?
Neon Steve- I guess it varies depending on the crowd. Sometimes it’s a fast paced, high energy gongshow but other times it ends up being a vibey deep night.
LCN- Who are some of your influences?
Neon Steve- I try to answer this all the time but I never can. There’s no abundance of any one artists music on my computer. I’m influenced by everything and everyone I suppose!
LCN- Is there a certain moment, where you just know you’ve hit it with a track?
Neon Steve- I’ve had a few of those moments where I get the goosebumps but those are rarely the tunes that end up doing well for some reason… My best tunes (as far as play count goes) have always been surprises to me.
LCN- When you hear tracks or songs does your head spin with possibilities of where that track can go? Is there a way to describe that feeling?
Neon Steve- For sure. It’s the bittersweet part of being a DJ/producer. Whenever I hear a track I like I instantly start thinking of other songs it could mix with and forget to just enjoy it. I also start picking it apart sonically trying to guess how they made a certain sound or got their drums so punchy etc…
LCN – Did you always know you wanted to make music?
Neon Steve- I was really big into hip hop and skateboarding growing up but never really showed any interest in making music until I started DJing (after high school) I wanted to play in the clubs and festivals but everyone told me the way in is writing your own music so I invested in a studio setup and got to work.
LCN – If you weren’t DJ’ing… what would you be doing?
Neon Steve- I was working construction before DJing and I really hope I wouldn’t still be doing that if music hadn’t taken over. I’d like to think I would have done something health related like become a nutritionist or open a vegan restaurant.
LCN – Are you a skier or boarder?
Neon Steve- Boarder for sure but I’m a bit rusty these days
LCN- You must explain the avocado & cashew merch! 
Neon Steve- Haha… I’m always promoting a healthy diet/lifestyle online so I thought it would be funny to really walk the walk and get people wearing my favourite foods.
LCN- On your site, you say you’re always working on fresh tracks… what’s next for Neon Steve?
Neon Steve- I’ve got a bunch of stuff coming up in the next month! A collab with my good friend Marten Hørger from Germany, coming out on The Stanton Warriors label, PUNKS. I just finished a really cool EP with The Smalltown DJ’s from Calgary that’s coming out on Treasure Fingers label called Pyscho Disco. I’ve also got a solo EP coming out on Krafty Kuts’ label, Instant Vibes but that’s a few months away. AND a remix for the Funk Hunters coming out on Westwood Records. It’s funny how that goes. I haven’t released any music for months and now there’s 5 tunes coming out at the same time!
Tickets to SnöJuhla are available on Along with Neon Steve, the Funk Hunters and SkiiTour will also be playing on Sunday, February 19th. The celebrations kick off the day prior, on Saturday with Lexi Strate and Coleman Hell.

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