Sixty Minutes

Tales from the Timebox: January 31st, 2017

Is this the same two teams? Something very strange about these games? The Bantams Avalanche played a provincial game in Mallaig on Tuesday night winning 12 to 8. A lot of goals by both teams; it was more like an Atom game than a Bantam game.  But I guess it’s not that strange until you consider what happened in the second game.
The same two teams the very next night, the game was the total opposite of the night before. No scoring at all in the first two periods and it wasn’t until half way through the third period when the Avalanche would finally score shorthanded while killing a penalty.  Jaden ‘Jet Stream’ Van Maarion stealing the puck off the defenseman and buried it into the mesh. Then Mallaig would score about 20 seconds later on the same power play to make it one all. That score remained one all until 30 seconds left in the game when the Avalanche scored  two quick goals in the last 30 seconds, one by Charlie ‘Angel’ Rogal and one by Wolke ‘the Wolfman’ Cueva the final 3 to 1 for the Avalanche.  The first game was totally offensive and no defense at all, the next game is totally defensive and absolutely no offence. Weird! Regardless, the bantams will now advance to the second round against Wabasca, travelling there this weekend for the first of the two game series, the second game if necessary will be in Elk Point on Saturday February the 11th a 5 p.m.
The Atom Avalanche also played two provincial games this past weekend winning the series. They traveled to Paradise Valley Friday night for the first provincial game winning 9 to 1. ‘King Kong Konnor ‘ Poitras with 7 goals, Sam ‘Spiderman ‘ Rogal and Phoenix Canning with one each. Why do you think a team down 8 goals make a return trip? Well, maybe they figured if they could shut down ‘King Kong’ they would still have a chance?
Lots of things could happen. Sometimes a dominate player can turn up sick, it has happened in the past. When they returned to Elk Point for the second game on Saturday the Avalanche won 15 to 2 but it was a whole team got involved in the scoring of this one. A hat trick for the young promising rookie ‘Top Gunner’ Crawford. Ryan ‘Ram Rod’ Cameron,  ‘Spiderman and ‘King Kong Konnor’  with two each, singles for ‘Saint Nic’ Penner, Cash ‘CC’ Capjack, ‘Bo Diddley’ Fontaine, Vaughn’the Vulture’ Ockerman, Phoenix Quinney-Canning and Kaleb ‘Formula One’ Flamand. Assists for Brendon ‘Blue Line’ Haesch-Baker, ‘Timmy Joe’ Cardinal  and ‘Cyclone Cole ‘ Pierce.  Goalie ‘Kid Kade’ Fontaine getting the goaltending duties wasn’t very busy but was sharp a whip when called upon. So in this game everyone was involved. Call it team work! The next round starting this weekend will be against Crows Nest North a team playing out of Gibbons.
After a very bad start for the peewee Avalanche on Saturday against St. Paul, down by 4 to 0 in the first period,  the Avalanche  came out and won the second and third period. Too little too late, but better late than never. The final 8 to 5 for St Paul. ‘Mic Jager’ Fontaine with a hat trick and two assists,  Cea jay Quinney scoring his first goal of the year, team captain Kobe ‘the Cobra’ Warawa with one goal and an assist and also winning the heart and hustle award for his efforts. Landon ‘the Magnificent’ Malachowski with two assists, defenseman Odin ‘the Wall’ Smith and Dean ‘the Machine’ Ockerman with an assist each. ‘Bazooka Joey’ Cardinal was doing a terrific job for-checking  And as usually another  great game for goalie Vanden ‘Super Mario’ Moroziuk who was out shot 2 to 1 but kept the boys in the hunt.
Fun for all, and three big wins for our micro novice Avalanche who played in the Bonnyville tournament on this past Saturday.
A good weekend for our league leading midget Avalanche. Friday night at home the game ended in a 5 all tie against the second place team, the Frog Lake T Birds, the Avalanche still sitting in first place. Lots of great teamwork in this one, five different goal scorers and some  helpers from all the other guys on the team,  Hayden ‘ Hot Wheels’ Ludlage, ‘Captain Obvious’ Stafford, Kyle ‘Ketchup’ Kjenner, Nick’ Sparky ‘Anderson and Christian’ Wheels’ Castle -Wasson all scoring one each. Picking up assists Chase ‘ Rink Rat’ Dorey, Cyle’ Grinder’ Graus, Bowen’ Bam Bam’ Krider, Angus ‘Micky’ McFarlane,  On Saturday the Avalanche traveled to the Border City blanking the Blazers 8 to zip. ” This is how we do it baby! ‘ ‘ Captain Obvious’ leading the way with a hat trick  and a couple of assists, ‘Sparky with two goals and two assists, ‘Bam Bam’ with a goal and two assists , ‘Rink Rat’ with a goal and two assists, ‘Wheels’ with one goal, ‘Ketchup’ with three helpers, ‘Micky’ with an assist too.
The novice 1 A  played against Cold Lake on Saturday at home winning 11 to 3. Hat trick and two assists for Madden ‘ Mad Dog’ Flamand, a hat trick and one assist for  ‘ Without a Trace’ Morgan, ‘Hurricane’ Kayl Warawa and Sebastian ‘Bruce’ Brousseau with two goals each, ‘Notorious Nolan’ Ballas with a goal and an assist. His sister ‘Stellar Ella’  and the goalie Raif ‘Rug Rat’ Evans Anderson with an assist each. ‘Rug Rat’ doing an awesome job between the pipes. Next weekend the Novice 1 A team will be playing in the Mallaig one day tournament.
A real barn burner Sunday afternoon at the AGR for the novice 1 B team, the game ending in a 7 all tie against the Frog Lake T Birds. Braylee ‘B.J.’ Lesyk with two goals,  his brother ‘Good Time Charlie’ with a goal and three assists, Evett ‘Snoopy’ Smereka with two goals and two assists, Brenden ‘Buzz’ Kadutski and Kale ‘the Hawk’ Ockerman with one goal and one assist each. Kaysen ‘Dynomite’ DeMossiac and Charlotte ‘Cho Cho’ Henderson also with assists. Behind the mask, Riley ‘the Coyote’ Bourne doing a fine job with the goaltending duties for his first time this season.
“She’s a ‘Brick House’ and she’s mighty, mighty at keeping the puck out!” Goalie Heaven ‘Brick House’ Colbourne was named the player of the game on Sunday when the Storm bantam girls team played against the Vermilion Tigers. ‘Brick House’ was outstanding, facing 43 shots, making some really nice glove saves and doing the splits kicking the puck out with her skate on a few of the deflections in front. But she did have lots of help from her defence,  namely Georgia ‘Gorgeous’ Bendixen who  blocked a lot of shots for her and cleared the players out of the front of the net numerous times. Then carried the puck or fired it across the blue line out of the dangerous territory.
The Storm failed to win against the Vermilion Tigers, but still made a heck of a game out of it.  And happy birthday wishes going out to the former Storm player Kali Cousins.
And now for the K.A. Campbell quote of the week. “When we have the puck, they can’t score.” -Paul Coffey.